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Work Smart Hypnosis | Hypnosis Training and Outstanding Business Success

WSH137 - Jason O’Callaghan on Hypnotic Fishing Lines

November 09, 2017

Jason O’Callaghan originally worked as a journalist before he dove head first into psychology and then hypnosis. Jason has a Master's in Psychology and is the only known practicing hypnotherapist in Ireland to have one. He is also qualified in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, trained as a Certified Instructor by the National Guild of Hypnotists, and is a qualified Counselor.

On today’s episode, Jason shares his background, how he transitioned into hypnosis, and the methodology behind casting out hypnotic lines. We discuss where he is today and the ideas he has on business and therapy. He also breaks down his business model and shares how he designs his therapy sessions and how he interacts with his clients.

“Once you come up with an angle, you get your name out there, and once you do that, you become the expert in that field.”

Jason O’Callaghan

  • His business model and the ways he addresses client responsibility
  • How he refined his process and the benefits it has for clients
  • The importance of transparency in success
  • Challenges he has experienced and how he dealt with them
  • Marketing strategies he found most effective
  • Tips on how to market your business and get publicity
  • What working as a stage hypnotist at weddings taught him
  • The mentality of casting out hypnotic lines

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