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Work Smart Hypnosis | Hypnosis Training and Outstanding Business Success

WSH083 - Confidence, Creativity, and Flexibility

October 27, 2016

What makes a great hypnotist? Is it years of training? Perhaps the number of years you’ve worked with clients? How does a new hypnosis professional become a great hypnosis professional? On today’s episode, I’m going to reveal the three things that I believe are the foundational components to becoming a great hypnotic worker.

Whether you are a brand new hypnosis practitioner who has just received your certification and are looking to improve your skills, or you’ve been practicing for many years but still feel like something is missing or holding you back from advancing your practice to the next level – this episode will teach you what I believe are the foundation of every great hypnotic practice – confidence, creativity, and flexibility.

“Flexibility, creativity & confidence are like the three legs of a tripod.”

– Jason Linett

  • How flexibility, creativity, and confidence are the cornerstones that feed into each other.
  • Examples of how to tailor your hypnotic approach to each individual client to achieve a more flexible practice.
  • Fit the process to the client instead of the client to the process.
  • Scripts have a time and place – like training wheels.
  • By figuring out the contextual point of view of what’s going on within hypnotic techniques, it will allow you to become more creative in your approach.
  • Confidence is something that can be taught, earned, and gained – even in a training environment.
  • There may be some truth to the phrase “fake it till you make it.” Think of it as “fooling the neurology.”
  • If the client does not have confidence in you, they will not have confidence in the process. Likewise, if you do not have confidence in yourself, your clients will sense it.

Tips for New Hypnosis Practitioners:

  • Stand on the success of your profession.
  • Stand on your passion, interests, and training.

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