Work Smart Hypnosis | Hypnosis Training and Outstanding Business Success

Work Smart Hypnosis | Hypnosis Training and Outstanding Business Success

WSH269 - Victoria Gallagher Goes Online

April 23, 2020

Victoria Gallagher joins me today to discuss why now is our time to shine by taking hypnotherapy online. She shares how she has automated her online hypnosis business and how you can create your economy by developing assets and resources. Victoria reveals how you can find your niche by identifying your strengths. She also shares how you can overcome your time limitations by creating online resources to serve the maximum number of people.

Victoria is an international leader in hypnotherapy and the founder of one of the world’s first online hypnosis companies, Victoria started her company in 1999, and by 2005, she had moved most of her business online. She is a certified master hypnotherapist, neuro-linguistic programming practitioner, and law of attraction facilitator as well as an international speaker, life success coach, and the author of Amazon’s #1 best-selling hypnotherapy book, Practical Law of Attraction. Victoria is also the host of The Power of Your Mind podcast.

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“Figure out who you are in this situation, where you want to be, and who you want to serve.” - Victoria Gallagher


  • How Victoria became a pioneer of online hypnosis
  • Automating online processes and appointment scheduling
  • Why now is the time to create assets that can generate passive income
  • How too many products can result in confusion instead of an increase in sales
  • Finding your niche by identifying the persona you serve and the problems they have
  • Minimizing work by creating video content to repurpose and create additional products
  • How to be more efficient and serve more people than your time limitations permit


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