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Deepening Awareness Of Yourself And Others - Jim Wilcher
April 11, 2024

It was initially devastating when Jim Wilcher’s business imploded 20 years ago. And then he took time to slow down, become introspective, and grow from the experience. Jim shares with host Meredith Bell what he learned about himself during this self-disco

Coming Out of Hiding - April L. Dodd
March 28, 2024

In this enlightening episode of The Ultimate Coach podcast, host Ipek Williamson sits down with April L. Dodd, a renowned transformational coach whose life work is dedicated to empowering women to lead lives filled with purpose, joy, and fulfillment. Apri

The Power of Compassionate Self-Forgiveness - Chris Smith
March 14, 2024

What if you could create yourself at the beginning of each day so you focus on the possibilities in front of you instead of limitations? Our guest Chris Smith chooses who he is going to be on a daily basis. In this conversation with host Meredith Bell, Ch

You Are Simply Infinite - ĐƠN GIẢN
February 29, 2024

In this inspiring episode of The Ultimate Coach podcast, the spotlight is on N GIN (pronounced: Dun Za-an), A.K.A. Dave Berman. He is an unconventional coach whose style and mission continuously evolve along with his way of being. These days, N

Taking A Stand For The Greatness In Others - Caroline Hughes
February 15, 2024

Have you wondered how the concept of BEING can be applied in the workplace? Wonder no more! Caroline Hughes shares with host Meredith Bell the approach she takes with corporate leaders to help them discover that the way they “show up” impacts their relati

I Am Pure Gold - Dorothy Martin
February 01, 2024

In this episode of the Ultimate Coach podcast, host Ipek Williamson engages in a captivating conversation with Dorothy Martin, a seasoned health strategist, organizational well-being consultant, and behavioral change expert. Dorothy shares her transformat

Being Perfectly Imperfect - Tom Lipinski
January 18, 2024

What happens when you let go of the attempt to be perfect? In Tom Lipinskis case, he felt relief as he realized that his efforts focused on a desire to look good. He came to realize that he was focusing on himself instead of being in the present moment.

Keeping It Real - Dominic London
January 04, 2024

Some of the kindest and most heart-centred people are those who have known suffering, despair, loss and have found their way out of such depths. Dominic London is such a person. He was on a trajectory to end up in prison like his father and today he is a

Creating an Extraordinary Life Without Regrets - Dr. Jamil Sayegh
December 21, 2023

In this soul-stirring episode, Dr. Jamil Sayegh unfolds a personal odyssey sparked by a life-altering moment at 19 when his intuition altered the course of destiny. From caring for his father after a near-fatal aneurysm to drawing parallels with the hero'

Being Self-Love - Rachel Madorsky
December 07, 2023

Do you unconditionally love and accept yourself? You will gain a deeper appreciation for the importance of this as you listen to Rachel Madorsky share her brilliant insights with host Meredith Bell. You’ll discover the one statement that The Ultimate Coac