Everyone Is Moving To Berlin

Everyone Is Moving To Berlin

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Try to Deduct Your Kitchen: The German Tax System Explained [Sponsored by Wundertax]
April 07, 2024

Daniel Hahnemann, co-founder and CEO of Wundertax, talks us through the why and how of tax filing in Germany. We talk about when you can expect a refund, outline deductions for students and employees,

Where Are All the French People?
March 16, 2024

Alice is a French expat. In our conversation, she explains her decision to ditch Paris for Berlin, details how she managed to find an apartment, shares tips on how to find work as a coder in Berlin, a

Roommate Roulette: What (Not) to Do Before Moving Into a WG
February 24, 2024

Jae has had some challenges with flatmates* and landlords*. So we dedicate an entire episode to tenant associations, deposits and everything you need to know before the rental dispute hits you. (*All

The Anti-Racism-Protests and the AfD
February 04, 2024

In our first episode in 2024, we reflect on the growth of our podcast and the decision to release episodes on our own timeline. We express gratitude to our supporters and invite suggestions for topics

The Best Thing About Berlin Is Potsdam
November 18, 2023

Kevin Alterfritz, historian and Potsdam aficionado, takes us beyond Berlins shadow to reveal why many believe Potsdam is the real highlight. We explore the city's hidden gems, from the Dutch Quarter

A Barber and a Barista Move to Berlin
October 28, 2023

Lony and Sean fell in love with Berlin on a summer tour and spontaneously decided to swap their life in North Carolina for a fresh start in Berlin. The couple not only navigated the maze of immigratio

"Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey" on Goofy Traditions, Disappointing Germans, Learning the Language and Anti-Americanism
September 16, 2023

Geoff and Alex better known as "Americans in Germany Drinking Whiskey" join us to discuss their decade-long experience of living in Berlin. We talk about quirky German traditions, what it's like w

Being Vegan in Berlin (It's a Bit Like Living in the Future)
August 27, 2023

Back from our summer break, Manuel speaks with Olivia, Rae, and Laura who all chose a plant-based lifestyle. We talk about Berlin's reputation as a vegan haven, animal rights activism in Berlin and ho

Fines, Fees & a Summer Break
June 17, 2023

We're about to take a summer break but first, a glimpse into Jae's "toxic relationship" with Berlin: He's getting evicted, received an unexpected 1,900 euros hospital bill and has a knack for receiv

Secondhand Berlin: Buying and Selling Used Goods
June 11, 2023

Is there too much (or too little) stuff in your life? In this mini-episode, Manuel explains how to buy and sell used things in Berlin. Besides (not-eBay) Kleinanzeigen and Vinted, two popular online p