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European Pharmaceutical Review podcast

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EPR Podcast Episode 10 – 3D printing pharmaceuticals – Sheng Qi, Simon Gaisford, Clive Roberts
March 23, 2022

How long until pharmaceuticals are widely 3D printed commercially? What are the key formulation considerations when applying 3D printing? Tune in to learn about all this and more...

EPR Podcast Episode 9 – Future of ATMPs – Jérôme Larghero and Julien Textoris, bioMérieux
February 16, 2022

Is the future of cell and gene therapy autologous or allogeneic? Which solid tumour may receive the first cell therapy treatment? How will the use of ATMPs in cancer care change our healthcare structu

EPR Podcast Episode 8 – Oral biologic drug delivery with Giovanni Traverso, MIT
January 26, 2022

How close are we to oral biologic drug delivery? Will biomedical devices be essential in overcoming drug delivery challenges? Discover all this and more in this podcast with MIT's Assistant Professor

EPR Podcast Episode 7 – Collaboration in ATMP development – Jérôme Larghero and Julien Textoris, bioMérieux
December 15, 2021

How important is collaboration in ATMP development? What can be done to expedite ATMP manufacturing and release? Find out about all this and more in this podcast with bioMérieux.

EPR Podcast Episode 6 – Precision Medicine with Laetitia Decroix Guilloux and Edmond Chan, Janssen
November 24, 2021

Why are precision medicines important? What challenges face their development and manufacture? Where could they be in 10 years? Discover all this and more in this podcast with Janssen!

EPR Podcast Episode 5 – ATMP manufacturing and QC – Rey Mali, Accellix and Félix Montero-Julian, bioMérieux
November 10, 2021

Join Rey Mali and Félix Montero-Julian as they discuss the challenges facing the manufacture and QC of advanced therapy medicinal products (ATMPs) and potential solutions.

EPR Podcast Episode 4 – UV/Vis in mRNA vaccine QC with Dr Hans-Joachim Muhr, Mettler Toledo
October 20, 2021

Join Mettler Toledo's Dr Hans-Joachim Muhr as he explains the key quality considerations for mRNA vaccines and why UV/Vis spectrophotometry should be applied in their QA/QC.

EPR Podcast Episode 3 – Inhaled and intranasal drug formulations and delivery – Dr Bill Williams, University of Texas
July 23, 2021

Join Dr Bill Williams as he discusses formulation for inhaled and intranasal drug delivery and goes into detail about thin film freezing, a novel powder formulation technique he developed.

EPR Podcast Episode 2 – Bioavailability enhancement with Dr Deanna Mudie, Lonza
May 11, 2021

In this podcast, Lonza’s Dr Deanna Mudie explains the importance of bioavailability, how to achieve desired bioavailability and top tips for how to select the correct dissolution media for your testin