Basement Party

Basement Party

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S01E07 – Basement Party – Pink Slip
April 12, 2022

After Celeste Silverwillow found her apartment ransacked; she, Kothar, and Feloryn head to her place of work seeking help identifying the perpetrators. Celeste gets worse news but discovers a connecti

S01E06 – Basement Party – Domino Effect
April 01, 2022

No April Fools joke here! We are BACK with another episode to rattle those eardrums! Our heroes-in-training spends their first night in Waterdeep. Kothar learns interesting things about his past. Taru

S01E05 – Basement Party – Maybe We Should Split Up
March 11, 2022

S01 E05 Maybe We Should Split Up is out NOW! Subscribe & Listen! After a chance encounter with the famous Meloon Wardragon, our heroes look for a place to crash for the night. The party splits up. D

S01E04 – Basement Party – Wardragon and Plans
March 01, 2022

Saddled with the task of finding one of Volos dear friends, our adventurers get acquainted with Waterdeeps most famous tap: The Yawning Portal. Here, they meet another celebrity: a member of the ren

S01E03 – Basement Party – 40 Dragons and a Shard
January 27, 2022

The fiasco with the dray lands the adventurers in hot water with city guard of Waterdeep. Volo attempts to pull some strings. Seeing how quickly the party reacted to danger, Volo has some other (more

S01E02 – Basement Party – Runaway Dray
January 27, 2022

Our heroes fabulous tour interrupted by assailants looking to get even with the dour bodyguard of Volothamp Geddarm. Blades are drawn and the tour bus is taken for a wild ride through the congested s

S01E01 – Basement Party – The Golden Ticket
January 27, 2022

Adventurers land outside of the gates of the famous (and infamous) metropolis named Waterdeep. They get their first taste of industrious city life. And against all odds, our heroes come together when