January 02, 2023

 This is Superlative: A Podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week our host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined in-person by Karl-Friedrich Scheufele, the Co-President of Chopard. The two are recording this podcast together in the lower floor of the new Chopard boutique on 5th Avenue, and even though you will hear the liveliness of the work day around them as they speak, the two dive into everything Chopard. They start the show talking about what Karl-Friedrich Scheufele learned about Chopard during the pandemic, and he elaborates on the history of his family and the brand. Ariel asks about what Chopard did in order to gain such high levels of competency with internal manufacturing and creating the high level of watches that they currently are creating, and he also inquires into all of the different names that currently fall under the Chopard name. Ariel and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele also get hands-on with multiple pieces such as their Alpine Eagle, and the Jumping Hour. Ariel brings up the ethical side of production within luxury goods, and Karl-Friedrich Scheufele discusses what really goes into the ethical sourcing of such materials.

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