September 05, 2022

 This is Superlative: A Podcast about watches, the people behind them, and the worlds that inspire them. This week our host and aBlogtoWatch Founder Ariel Adams is joined by one of the newest members of the aBlogtoWatch editorial team, Ripley Sellers. To start the show the two begin with a major theme of the episode as they discuss what it's like talking about watches through the media, and doing so with your own personality. Ripley talks about the overall landscape of watch media today, and how he entered the space through watch sales. Ariel and Ripley talk about classifying someone's interest in watches as a hobby, and how watch collectors' behaviors differ a bit from other types of collectors and enthusiasts. They also talk about the value of worth when you want to own something, as opposed to just when you are seeking to purchase and resell. Ripley goes further into his duties at, and what he is hoping to get out of the experience as time goes on.

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