The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits

The Nick D Podcast on Radio Misfits

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Nick D – The Manson Brothers & Crazy Neighbors
August 16, 2022

Nick hangs out with Chris and Mike, better know as The Manson Brothers. They talk about their time as professional wrestlers, making the movie "Midnight Zombie Massacre" and their love of Martin and Lewis...and more. Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk

Nick D – Jen Bosworth-Ramirez & For The Record
August 12, 2022

Nick talks with actress/writer/storyteller Jen Bosworth-Ramirez about her latest writing projects, her new Walmart commercial and she tells another Nic Cage story. Then British game show host Slap Slapply joins Esmeralda Leon and Nick for another exciting

Nick D – Dan Fienberg and Freak Accidents
August 09, 2022

Nick is joined by TV critic Dan Fienberg from The Hollywood Reporter to talk about the new season of "Reservation Dogs," the return of "Beavis and Butthead" and they remember Olivia Newton John. Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about their time at The Fl

Nick D – LIVE from Flashback Weekend!
August 07, 2022

A bonus episode! Nick and Esme recorded their first live podcast on August 6th 2022 as part of Flashback Weekend in Chicago. Guests include PJ Soles & John Michael Graham from Halloween and Svengoolie himself, Rich Koz. [EP59]

Nick D – PJ Soles!!
August 05, 2022

Nick is joined by legendary actress PJ Soles to talk about her roles in films like "Halloween," "Carrie," Rock n Roll High School" and "Stripes." She also tells us stories about Nicolas Cage and a shrunken head, Bill Murray being grumpy, the night she pla

Nick D – For The People
August 02, 2022

In this "For The People" episode Nick is joined by The ConsumerMan, Herb Weisbaum who talks about robocall scams, "truth" in advertising, and identity theft of children and how Nick D Podcast subscribers can sign up for a free service from

Nick D – Alex Winter: Bill of “Bill & Ted!”
July 29, 2022

Nick talks with actor/director Alex Winter about his classic "Bill and Ted" movies, "The Lost Boys," his cult TV series "The Idiot Box" and his great documentary "Zappa" about the incredible musician. He is appearing at The Flashback Weekend Horror Conven

Nick D – Dan Fienberg & The Worst TV Shows Ever
July 26, 2022

TV critic Dan Fienberg joins Nick to talk about the HBO comedy show, "The Rehearsal," the FX thriller "The Old Man" and remember the careers of David Warner and Paul Sorvino. The Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk about terrifying food from around the and the w

Nick D – Say nope to “Nope” and More People are Stupid
July 22, 2022

Film critics Erik Childress and Steve Prokopy join Nick to talk about the new Netflix action movie "The Gray Man," the documentary, "This is GWAR," and Jordan Peele's latest horror/sci-fi/satire, "Nope" (it's not good). Then Esmeralda Leon and Nick talk a

Nick D – Bonus Fienberg and People are DUMB
July 19, 2022

In this episode we get a bonus visit from TV critic Dan Fienberg to talk about the just-announced Emmy nominations and predict some winners. Then Esmeralda Leon joins Nick to talk about the upcoming Flashback Weekend Horror Convention where they w ill be