Spider-Man and His Amazing Fans: An Animated Spidey Podcast

Spider-Man and His Amazing Fans: An Animated Spidey Podcast

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Full Circle: The Spider-Man movie & final good-byes
April 04, 2024

Oh my, what a dramatic title there. While it was not the original plan, it turns out that this will be the final episode of Spider-Man and His […]

Amazing Achievement Unlocked: Spider-Man the Animated Series Retrospective
March 22, 2024

We couldn’t possibly jam an appropriate series recap into last week’s series finale episode, so here we are to consider the totality of Spider-Man, colloquially known as Spider-Man […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episodes 12-13: Spider-Wars, Parts 1 and 2
March 14, 2024

This is the big one, folks; the one you’ve been waiting for all your life– series finale of Spidey 94, featuring a veritable cavalcade of cameos and guest […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 11: Secret Wars, Chapter 3
March 01, 2024

Well, these here Secret Wars are some wars that happened. They happened to Spider-Man, and to some other people, and one of those groups will be at the […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 10: Secret Wars, Chapter 2
February 15, 2024

The “wars” are truly underway this week, in Secret Wars Chapter 2. But before we get to all that, it’s TIME FOR SOME VAMPIRE HUNTING. WHA?????? Spidey finds […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 9: Secret Wars, Chapter 1
February 01, 2024

It’s the opening of the penultimate arc in the Spidey 94 series, as our hero is transported to what is never actually called BATTLEWORLD. So that’s probably not […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episodes 7-8: The Return of Hydro-Man
January 18, 2024

WELL NOW WE’RE GETTIN’ SOMEWHERE! What a fantastic way to get ALL your questions about Mary Jane answered, in one convenient 2-parter. If you’re so inclined, go back […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 6: Six Forgotten Warriors Part 5
January 04, 2024

The Six Forgotten Warriors arc reaches its conclusion! WHAT is Red Skull’s doomsday weapon? HOW will Spidey, Silver Sable, and the American Warriors thwart the Skull’s plans. … […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 5: Six Forgotten Warriors Part 4
December 21, 2023

OK, are you all caught up? You’ve heard the story–nay, LEGEND–of the Six American Warriors? If so, you’re ready to party here in Chapter 4. The old guys […]

Spidey 94, Season 5 Episode 4: Six Forgotten Warriors Part 3
December 07, 2023

NOW THIS IS ALL STARTING TO MAKE SENSE. Spidey finally gets the whole story about the Six Forgotten Warriors and Red Skull’s doomsday machine, as told by Robbie’s […]