Here's Abhishek Panchal

Here's Abhishek Panchal

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Journey Of A Coronavirus Patient
July 19, 2020

Hey guys, Yes you saw the title and it is correct our 5th episode is with a COVID 19 positive patient Mr Rishi Holani. He has shared his experience with COVID 19, there's a lot to listen and it will surely answer all your questions. PS:- He is recovered

Why Starting a YouTube Channel Is Important?
July 08, 2020

Hello guys, this is my 4th episode with an emerging YouTuber and a dear friend of mine Mr. Jay Kothari aka JK Technical. We had a wonderful conversation regarding his youtube journey and why starting a youtube channel is important, so please listen to thi

Why Content Is Called A King?
July 01, 2020

Hey guys, you all know that content is the most important part of any online business. So here I bring you my 3rd episode with Ms Saniya Upadhayay, she is an experienced content writer. Please listen to my wonderful conversation with her. Please follow ou

Why Internships Are Important For A College Student?
June 27, 2020

Hello guys, do you want to know why internships are important for a college student? Please listen to this episode till end. You will get all the answers after hearing about my experiences. I am a Co-Founder of Topop-Productions, we provide all types of B

How Depression Kills You.
June 24, 2020

Hello listeners, this is my first ever recording. I have chosen a very special topic of conversation that is depression and mental stress. Please listen to the entire podcast. I hope this conversation will help you all. If you want to have one on one cons

Here's Abhishek Panchal (Trailer)
June 22, 2020

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