On Wednesdays We Wear Rose Quartz with Mischaela Elkins

On Wednesdays We Wear Rose Quartz with Mischaela Elkins

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Season 2 Epi 2: Ladies, YOU Aren’t The Prize! But I’ll Tell You What Is…
February 13, 2024

Today we are talking about the common misconception that women have and regurgitate…that they “are the prize” in a relationship. Nope. But I’ll tell you who/what IS the prize in every relationship.

1. Going 50/50 With Men, 2 Healthy Options and the Melania Trump/Trophy Wife Arrangement 3rd Option
October 23, 2023

Im breaking down the discourse in the High Value Woman communities around going 50/50 and what that means and what the domestic arrangement really looks like in a Trophy Wife style man as total provider and wife doesnt hold down house management and chi

14. What’s the Difference Between an Empath, A Clairvoyant, and a Medium?
June 04, 2023

This episode I am sharing my take on the differences between empaths, those with the Clairs (clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience), and Mediums. Spoiler Alert: They arent as different as one may think!

13. Love The Body You Have Developed From Loving Choices
February 10, 2023

Today Im talking about the epiphany I had about loving the body I have developed and maintained through only truly loving choices regarding exercise, food, and wellness.

12. Why Some Women Over Emphasize A Man’s Income Over Everything
December 24, 2022

Diving into what women are manifesting when they only focus on a man of material and financial wealth. Plus the wound these women have that underlies this focus.spoiler, its low self worth.

11. What We REALLY Want When We Covet Someone’s Fame, Life, Career, or What They Have.
December 21, 2022

Today Im digging into a convo my husband and I had about what people really want when they covet your success, fame, money, material wealth, relationship etc. More importantly I illuminate the reality that we often want what others have without realizing

10. The Reason Black and White Thinking Regarding TradWife or Career Woman Misses The Point
December 18, 2022

Today Im sharing my thoughts on how there is no one CORRECT option that is healed and high vibe for women regarding being a stay at home wife and mother or being a career woman. Its more important WHY you choose each path and from what place (love or fe

9. This Inner Child Wound May Be Why You Have Low Self Worth…
December 17, 2022

Im digging into the TWO ways your parents or caretakers may have created externally comparative patterns for calculating your worth within you. These unhealthy patterns may be why you have low self worth.

8. FEEL ABUNDANT! 10 FREE or Low Cost Practices That Can Help You Step Into An Abundance Mindset
December 17, 2022

Im sharing 10 free or low cost things/practices that can help you step into an abundance mindset.

7. How To Trust Yourself & Your Intuition About Your Long Term Life Vision or Calling
January 15, 2022

I talk about the lesson I mastered this week about trusting my intuition on a longer term the purpose of my life type of vision. A surprising insight from a wonderful spiritual coach set me on the right path to understanding.