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Chelsea Kinzinger | Of course I can pronounce "Kanawha!"
September 06, 2021

Of course I can pronounce "Kanawha!" Chelsea Kinzinger first visited West Virginia as a high school senior on a volleyball recruiting visit to the University of Charleston. The Illinois native initially had a little trouble pronouncing the name

Rod Blackstone Part 2: When Politics Were Civil
August 10, 2021

When he isn't leading the crowd in "You are Toast!" cheers at WV Power Park, Rod Blackstone is devoting his time to making West Virginia a better place. He came to WV for a journalism and media career, but ended up working for people like G

Don't Get Hit by the Flying Toast! w/ Rod Blackstone (Pt. 1)
July 26, 2021

Rod Blackstone has been a fixture in the Charleston, WV community for over three decades. He has worked for a governor, Congressmen, and a mayor, but he is perhaps best known as the "Toast Man" at WV Power baseball games. Since the early 1990&ap

One Year Anniversary Episode w/ Dr. Marty Roth
June 28, 2021

UConnect the Podcast is one year old! We are celebrating with University of Charleston President, Dr. Marty Roth. Dr. Roth discusses his career journey from a student at the University of Pittsburgh, to the Dean of the Barney School of Business at the Uni

You Are Not Alone In Your Career Search w/ Zach Treister
June 04, 2021

Searching for a job is hard, but there are helpful resources out there if you know where to look.  You can find some assistance online, but it's difficult to separate the good advice from the bad.  You can hire a career coach, but there aren't m

Career Pathways are Never Straight w/ Dave Lavender - Part 2
May 11, 2021

In the second half of our interview with Dave Lavender, we talk about the importance of apprenticeships and experiential learning. Dave is a prime example of how a person can use a part-time student job as a springboard to a career. We also discuss Dave&a

Career Pathways are Never Straight w/ Dave Lavender - Part 1
April 21, 2021

In this episode, host Travis Kahle interviews Dave Lavender, one of West Virginia's preeminent storytellers. Dave's media career includes time as a newspaper columnist, radio host, book author, TV host, and more. In part 1, Dave talks about his

Dr. Bren Stevens - What Really Matters in a Career
March 16, 2021

Dr. Bren Stevens is one of the most successful collegiate athletic directors in the country.Her teams have won two national championships and participated in dozens of NCAA postseason tournaments. She attributes her success to her coaching staff, which is

To Make a Billion Dollars, Help a Billion People
February 16, 2021

Networking is a buzzword these days, but Wes Richardson prefers the term "relationship building." If you try to meet more people for the sake of growing your network, your business won't grow.  But if you try to build relationships for the

Remi Adeleke's Unbelievable Journey
January 08, 2021

Remi Adeleke hit rock bottom more than once in his life.  With each experience, he developed uncanny grit and perseverance.  Remi was literally born into royalty in Nigeria.  However, his family’s wealth was stripped by corrupt government officials and he