Back Through The Basement

Back Through The Basement

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Back Through The Basement Episode 69 - The Pivotal Presence and Spit Takes
May 22, 2023

Season 6 comes to a close with laughter and treasures. This season finale has Tom and Julee pulling a Club out of the deck that's been governing the direction of this season. A Club has them going through a special area of the Basement, leading to c

Back Through The Basement Episode 68 (Special Edition) - Weebles and Uncle Dumps
May 08, 2023

Julee has a toy at-the-ready with which to kick off this episode. Over FaceTime, Tom catches the briefest glimpse of the tiniest corner of the toy and knows it instantly. From there, its...Index Card Games for points, Weebles that wobble (but dont fal

Back Through The Basement Episode 67 - Playmobil and Marked 'Fragile'
April 17, 2023

What conversation could possibly encompass extremely sentimental movie theme songs, the 1978 Superman Kryptonian costume design style, Mark Twain, Puck from A Midsummer Nights Dream, The Flight of the Bumblebees by Rimsky-Korsakov, Technotronics

Back Through The Basement Episode 66 - Atreyu's Horse and Star Wars Speeders
April 10, 2023

What present did Julee get her brother Tom ? Who is Kenneth Sean Carson? What animal movie scarred young Julee? These are just SOME of the hard-hitting and penetrating questions tossed out in this weeks Episode. Learn the answers, play along, LAUGH alon

Back Through the Basement Episode 65 - Plumbers and Points
March 27, 2023

Were playing chicken with the plumber! With a leaky toilet on Toms side of the recording session, theres a silent but ticking clock threatening Tom and Julee throughout todays episode. But that doesnt stop them from unlocking a new kind of trivia g

Back Through The Basement Episode 64 - Scottish Dongles and Gizmo Caca (feat. Kirk R. Thatcher with Tom and Julee Antonellis)
March 13, 2023

Kirk R. Thatcher (director of "Muppet Treasure Island" and "Muppet Haunted Mansion", star of "Werewolf by Night" and the Punk on the Bus in "Star Trek IV - The Voyage Home AND "Star Trek Picard") joins “Back Th

Back Through The Basement Episode 63 - AirTamers and Tygra's Whip
February 27, 2023

Alongside the sharing of an exciting BTTB announcement from hosts Tom Antonellis and Julee Antonellis , this episode is all about Shuffle the Deck! We are having a deck of cards dictate what we will be going Back Through in the Basement. What will we lan

Back Through The Basement Episode 62 Uncle-Porkin’ Duloks and He-Man’s Frickin’ Shield
February 13, 2023

Season 6 is here! Tom and Julee Antonellis are Back! What can we say the episode is entitled Uncle-Porkin Duloks and He-Mans Frickin Shield Haha! Thats a lot to unpack. Its both what you would expect and not what youd expect and were right

Back Through The Basement Episode 61 - Gratitude and Riff Raff Farm ™
June 06, 2022

Wow how time flies when youre having fun in the Basement, going through old toys and memories! Tom and Julee play the final Season 5 Game of Chance in this season finale. This episodes dice-roll brings forth a box of beloved treasures and a whole cast

Back Through The Basement Episode 60 - Muffit the Daggit and Inspector Gadget
May 23, 2022

What do you get when Tom and Julee come across their vintage Battlestar Galactica, Transformers, Fisher Price circus characters and Inspector Gadget toys? Wouldja belieeeeve... you get the makings of an action- (figure) -packed 'Back Through The B