Mad Hustle with Butch Hartman

Mad Hustle with Butch Hartman

Latest Episodes

Re-Entry -- Episode 37 w/Butch Hartman
March 26, 2021

As the world begins to open up again opportunities will begin to present themselves. Are you ready to re-enter and take advantage? Or have you not been preparing yourself? Let's connect!

Legacy! - Episode 36
March 19, 2021

You won't always be here. What are you leaving behind? Let's connect! Visit

Ins & Outs Part 2 -- Episode 35
March 12, 2021

Continuing the topic: the Hollywood entertainment industry has its share of challenges: are you ready to face them? Let's connect!! Visit me at

Ins and Outs! Part 1 - Episode 34
March 05, 2021

When pursuing your dream you'll quickly realize that there are times that seem easier than others. Your job: enjoy the ride no matter what happens. Let's connect! Join me at

Casting -- Episode 33
February 19, 2021

Should you be scared of the casting process? Or can you learn to embrace it and make it work for you? Let's connect!

Overwhelmed! -- Episode 32
February 09, 2021

Are you getting buried by your goal? When did it get to be too much? How can you lighten the load and still proceed with joy? Let's chat:

Bring It! - Episode 31
January 29, 2021

Selling projects in Hollywood is a major challenge. Are you ready to face it? Let's connect at

Brace Yourself - Part 2 -- Episode 30
January 22, 2021

Something big is heading towards you. Are you sure you're ready to handle it practically? Mentally? Spiritually? Get ready - brace yourself! Let's connect - visit

Brace Yourself - Episode 29 (Part 1)
January 17, 2021

Something is coming for sure. Is it success? Is it a challenge? Is it an unexpected piece of news? Whatever it is, be ready to handle it because that’s what successful, visionary people do. Let's connect:

The Break - Episode 28
January 09, 2021

‘THE BREAK’ - you’re either catching a big break or you’re at a breaking point. Where are you right now? Let's connect!