The Unassuming Oracle

The Unassuming Oracle

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Virgo Season: Pineapple Skin Tea for the Gut
September 17, 2022

One of my favorite remedies for a stagnant gut among other things! Check out my Instagram for the full recipe! Please note: This episode is meant to be informative, and not a substitut

May/June 2022: New Moon in Gemini
May 30, 2022

A look at the Gemini new moon for the collective and each sign! Its a great time to get it on paper and manifest it! Also talking about Mercury going direct and the Mars ractivation of 2023!--- Send in a voice message:

April 2022: Eclipse Season is Here!
April 26, 2022

Talking about the Solar Eclipse in Taurus, and how the changes are going to be affecting you.--- Send in a voice message:

March 2022: Full Moon in Virgo, the Astrological New Year
March 18, 2022

Looking at the final lunation of the Astrological Year, and reflecting on service of the self as a vehicle for selfless service and breaking bad habits that impact our daily routines. Dedicated to my Mom, and her glorious Virgo Stellium! --- Send in a

March 2022: The Doors of Luck are Open!
March 04, 2022

Looking at the New Moon in Pisces, Mars and Venus conjunct Pluto and Jupiter Cazimi! This is the astrological portal you were waiting for!--- Send in a voice message:

February 2022: Leo Full Moon, and Mars conjunct Venus in Capricorn
February 16, 2022

A look at shedding the old thought patterns with the Full Moon in Leo, and the final push through Cap with Mars adding drive to Venus and heating it up!--- Send in a voice message:

Mediumship: On Discernment and the Dangers of Practicing Mediumship
February 10, 2022

A look at the dangers of mediumship, the importance of mentors, and discernment of spirit. Also, creating a practice.--- Send in a voice message:

February 2022: Happy Lunar New Year!
February 01, 2022

A look at the Lunar New Year which is the year of the Water Tiger. Also get ready for big changes with the New Moon in Aquarius square Uranus in Taurus and the end of the rtrogrades for now.--- Send in a voice message:

January 2022: The Week of Capricorn!
January 24, 2022

Mars and Mercury Retrograde enter the sign of Capricorn, along with Venus Retrograde and Pluto! Boundaries, goals, action and movement! Use the energy to get it done!--- Send in a voice message:

January 2022: Lunar Nodes, Uranus Direct, and Grand Trine
January 21, 2022

The Nodes officially changing signs, and ushering in 18 months of fixed, karmic stability. Uranus goes direct in Taurus to shake up our foundations in a good way, and a grand earth trine to close out the week! Plan now, find new solutions to old problems!