Travel Therapy Mentor

Travel Therapy Mentor

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116. The Process to Get Started as a Travel Therapist
March 19, 2024

Interested in travel therapy, but not sure where to begin? In this episode, we discuss the timeline and process for getting started- including: Getting in contact with recruiters; Licensure; Getting your profile set up; Being submitted for jobs; Phone int

115. Travel Therapy Job Market Update (March 2024)
March 03, 2024

Travel Therapy Job Market Update (March 2024)Listen in to get all the latest updates on the travel therapy world!if you are a current traveler or considering starting travel therapy in 2024, you dont want to miss this information!We gathered stats f

114. South America & Antarctica Recap + Life Updates
February 20, 2024

We just got back from a 6 week trip to South America and Antarctica, followed by going to the APTA CSM conference in Boston! It's been a busy couple of months and we got behind on videos/podcasts! Listen in as we recap our bucket list trip & talk

113. Travel Therapy Mentor End of Year Giveaways!
December 30, 2023

Each year we give away over $1000 in gift cards to our travel therapy community!Listen to the replay of the live drawings for our giveaways this year.5 winners of $200 Amazon gift cards - each for completing travel therapy contracts with our recommended

112. Mental Health & Support Systems as a Travel Therapist
December 20, 2023

Mental Health & Support Systems as a Travel TherapistBeing a travel therapist has a lot of perks:-higher income-exploring the country-experiencing new clinical opportunities-having a flexible schedule-meeting new peopleBut it can have its downsides

111. Packing & Moving as a Travel Therapist
December 04, 2023

Packing & Moving as a TravelTherapist - How and what should you pack for travel therapy assignments? The process of packing & moving for travel therapy jobs can be daunting! Join us to learn more - well provide insights and tips to make your lif

110. Most Common & Highest Paying Settings for Travel Therapy Jobs
November 20, 2023

What are the Most Common & Highest Paying Settings for Travel Therapy Jobs?If youre considering jumping into travel therapy, youve probably wondered which settings are the most common for travel therapy jobs, and which settings pay the most for tra

109. November 2023 Travel Therapy Job Market Update!
November 08, 2023

November 2023 Travel Therapy Job Market Update!Time for another update!!Join us to hear the latest insights on the travel therapy job market! Well bring you updates from several different companies, recruiters, and owners. Plus well provide our own in

108. Is Mentorship Available for Travel Therapy Jobs?
October 15, 2023

Is Mentorship Available for Travel Therapy Jobs?If youre a new grad or a therapist considering trying a new setting - you may be wondering if there are any mentorship opportunities for travel therapists.As with most things in healthcare, our answer is

107. Travel Therapy Housing: RV Life & How to Choose the Right RV
October 01, 2023

When you start looking into travel healthcare- housing is one of the big issues that comes up.Most choose short term housing but a growing number of healthcare travelers are considering RV life.We lived and traveled in an 5th Wheel RV for 3yrs & ge