Wild Manifestations

Wild Manifestations

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BONUS: 333 Recorded Manifestation Affirmations & Meditation
July 23, 2022

Does your inner voice ever say things like:I cant afford thatI have to work extremely hard for moneyI dont deserve ____Im not good enoughThere isnt enough to go aroundIm not smart or capable enough to be successfulAs real and true

BONUS: 30 Minute Inner Child Healing Meditation; 528 Hz Music - Frequency of Love & Transformation
July 23, 2022

This Guided, 30-Minute, Inner Child Healing Meditation was created to help process and heal childhood trauma that manifests later in life as limiting beliefs, self-sabotage, and fear.No matter what you're mental and emotional block you're

BONUS: 45 Minute Highest Self Immersion Meditation; 852 Hz Music for Spiritual Connection
July 23, 2022

This Highest Self Immersion Meditation was created to help you meet and integrate the version of yourself that is in alignment with what you are trying to manifest into your physical reality. Often when we visualize, we see a version of ourselve

BONUS: 50 Minute Extended Visualization Meditation for Manifestation
July 13, 2022

One of the biggest reasons why people dont manifest their desires and have success with the Law of Attraction is because their visualization practice is surface level. They waste their time doing a practice that lacks the emotion, detail, and power&

BONUS: 20 Minute Guided Visualization Meditation
July 12, 2022

20-minute long Guided Manifestation Visualization Meditation by manifestation teacher and coach, Heather Ione.  This meditation is designed to raise your energetic vibration, enhance your manifestation practice, and get crystal clear on what you wan

(#30) 30 Day Wild Manifestations Challenge (Plus, my newest manifestations!!)
July 12, 2022

Introducing the 30 Day Wild Manifestations Challenge! In this challenge you will focus your energy on manifesting one specific thing so that you can either prove to yourself that manifestation is real OR dust off those manifestation muscles.  In this

(#29) How to Spend Money From a High Vibrational Place
June 20, 2022

In order to manifest more money, you cant just feel high vibe when the money is flowing IN. Money is an energy. So if you want to draw more into your experience, you have to feel just as good about the money thats flowing OUT of your in life. In this ep

(#28) Why You're Not Manifesting Wealth & Luxury (Navigating Shame, Jealousy, & Expectation)
November 01, 2021

In this episode, Heather discusses why we struggle so much with manifesting financial abundance, luxury, and symbols of wealth. She dives into 3 main mistakes that we make that REPEL the things we try so hard to manifest. Heather also shares a brand new m

(#27) Interview with Risa Lin on Manifesting with Music, Synchronicity & Angel Numbers, the Subconscious Mind, & Expansive Female Friendships
June 10, 2021

In this episode, Heather Interviews Intuitive Medium, Healer, and Coach, Risa Lin of Elevate 333. Together they dive deep into all things manifestation, mindset, healing, and spirituality.Some of the topics covered in this episode include manifesting wit

(#26) Introducing DoTERRA’s Protein, Greens, & Fiber with Jennifer Gilman
March 10, 2021

In this episode, spiritual life coach, Heather Ione, and master herbalist, Jennifer Gilman introduce a new line of products from doTERRA: protein, plant-based protein, greens, and fiber.Jennifer explains the care and attention that doTERRA put into the d