Dr Sajid Shah

Dr Sajid Shah

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Join Plato for Muscle & Mental Growth
July 21, 2023

Step into Plato's modern-day Gymnasium . A podcast that uncovers the dynamic interplay of hormones, genetics, and resistance exercise as we delve into the philosophy of fitness. Recasting ancient wisdom into the bustling, sweat-filled environment of a con

The Two Shades of Pain: The Good and Bad Anxiety
June 16, 2023

Welcome to another episode of our enlightening podcast, titled "The Two Shades of Pain." This episode delves deep into the dual nature of pain, examining it as a complex and multifaceted experience that has the power to shape our lives in prof

Unleash Your Inner Joy: Delving into the Pleasure Pathways of the Mind
April 27, 2023

This video explore the different areas of the brain involved in our pleasures and happiness. Understating our brain leads to better behaviors and judgments, prerequisites for happiness in life.

Pleasure Revealed: Unveiling the Evolutionary Secrets of Bliss
March 19, 2023

In this video we trace the evolution of pleasure. This video is part of our upcoming course "The neuroscience of Happiness". Please visit https://www.actoptimally.com

Wired for Sensations: Exploring Pleasure and Pain through the Lens of Neuroscience
March 17, 2023

In this video , we trace the roots of our feelings. This video is part of our course , "The Neuroscience of happiness". In the course, we challenge traditional approach to happiness in the light of neuroscience. It is our attempt to guide people through s

Cracking the Code: Revealing the Intriguing Story Behind Our Behavior
October 19, 2022

Welcome to a journey unlike any other - a voyage across time and biology, exploring the remarkable evolution of the brain. This fascinating odyssey reveals how the brain, an organ as enigmatic as the cosmos, evolved from humble beginnings in primitive se

Stories for Eliminating Anxieties
November 10, 2021

The stories we tell ourselves, creates the life we live.

The Terrorist and the Good Life
October 21, 2021

Are we motivated by rewards or threats?

Stories for Eliminating Anxieties
September 23, 2021

We suffer because we tell ourselves the wrong stories. Science is behind the power of story telling and how our suffering are minimized if we tell ourselves the right stories. 

Why most Diets fail?
July 18, 2020

Health and beauty is a powerful drive, guiding and affecting our emotions. However, we find ourselves lost in complicated theories and protocols to achieve that end. The truth is common sense and nature provides a better answer to this riddle. In this...