Spiritual Weirdo Podcast with Lydia Bachmeier

Spiritual Weirdo Podcast with Lydia Bachmeier

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[46] Subliminal Programming to Make Manifesting Easy
December 14, 2021

WARNING FREE SUBLIMINAL INCLUDED THAT HAS THE POTENTIAL TO CHANGE YOUR LIFE FOR THE BETTER!WHAT WE COVER: How subliminal programming works to influence you at the subconscious level How you can use subliminal to change your beliefs so they align w

[45] Protecting Your Energy This Holiday Season
December 02, 2021

4 simple tips for protecting your energy while spending with family and friends this holiday season. Yes, we love them, but that has nothing to do with how draining this time of year can be!LINKS: Connect with me on Instagram  Connect with me on

[44] Manifestation 101
November 20, 2021

Manifestation 101: everything you need to know to start co-creating your like on purpose.WHAT WE COVER: What is manifestation? Common misconceptions now that "manifesting" is mainstream My 5 step process to manifest anything What most people forget

[43] Stepping Into A New Paradigm & Podcast Rebrand!
November 04, 2021

WELCOME TO THE SPIRITUAL WEIRDO PODCAST!!! It's your girl, Lydia Bachmeier, back at it. And you already know, better than ever! New name, same great topics for up-leveling your life, relationships, confidence, money, and manifestation powers

[42] How To Tell If A Manifestation Method Is Working For You
April 23, 2021

I break down my EASY system for ensuring that a manifestation method is working for you!LINKS: Free Manifestation Workbook with Magnifying Methods Get On The Waitlist For Private Mentorship or Hypnotherapy Text #manifest to +1 (321) 204-8355 now!-

[41] Manifesting For Someone Else
March 30, 2021

Is it possible to manifest for your loved one? Is it possible for someone else to manifest for you? Press play to find out!Help crowdfund my new book and get it published by a big-name publisher by pre-ordering here!Follow me on TikTokEmail me your que

[40] Shadow Work: The Massive Success Secret
March 23, 2021

Shadow work is one of the biggest secrets to success that no one talks about enough! Let's chat all about it in this episode.WHAT WE COVER: What is shadow work and why should we do it? What's the benefit? My personal experiences and what I learned abo

[39] Wash Away Stress Guided Meditation & Hypnosis
March 16, 2021

Sit back, relax, and allow your stress to melt away.Pre-order my new book and get the insane bonuses while you can!Music: Our Peaceful Ocean composed by Music Of Wisdom - Licensed from www.meditationmusiclibrary.com--- Support this podcast: https://

[38] Why You Don't Have Your Manifestation
March 09, 2021

Bragging on myself for a second: I'm really good at figuring out what's blocking my clients' manifestations. In this episode, I'll give you a breakdown of a few possible reasons you haven't manifested what you want. WHAT WE COVER: How to determine what'

[37] Manifest Social Media Growth
March 02, 2021

Do you want to grow a social media following in 2021? I'm sharing my top tips and tricks for manifesting followers and community that work on any social media app because it all comes down to one very important thing: energy! WHAT WE COVER: My story of