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#22: Organic search marketing strategy in 2023
December 11, 2022

Today, were talking about organic search - the things weve seen in 2022, how things are likely to change in the future and the things you need to consider in your 2023 organic search strategy. As always on this podcast, I want to help you get the contex

#21: GA4 - The top things marketers need to know
September 02, 2022

Were talking about GA4, how its different from Universal Analytics and what it means for marketers. Im also gonna catch you up on a few of the latest developments that caught my eye in the rest of the industry.

Mindset, wellbeing and burnout - taking care of your mental health as a marketer - S3:E5
May 25, 2021

Marketing is hard. We marketers live in a world constantly moving and it can feel like a treadmill. The pressures of expending energy into creativity and then turning ideas into results can take its toll if we aren't careful with our own mental wellbeing.

Brand-led demand generation and why it's a secret weapon in a new market - S3:E4
May 18, 2021

Taking a new product to market? or working in a niche of a niche with a very small but highly valuable target audience? Brand-led demand generation might just be your secret weapon.With guest Dan Bassett, Head of Marketing at IMP Software we talk about:

How to integrate SEO into your digital strategy - S3:E3
May 04, 2021

Wondering how to resolve your search engine strategy with your digital goals? Chasing the algorithm is a fruitless approach so, how do you put your users and your content at the top of your priority list? In this guest episode, we talk to Jason Barnard,

Apple iOS14 - What can marketers do as audience sizes fall off a cliff? S3:E2
April 28, 2021

Apple iPhone and iPad users now have to opt-in to tracking. That's over 50% of the smartphone market in the UK that will likely decline to share their tracking ID with advertisers.We're expecting to see a dramatic reduction in the effectiveness of Facebo

Season 3 is here! 2 minutes of what to expect
April 20, 2021

Season 3 is here! Coming up is a series of interviews interspersed with my usual solo format of learning how to do marketing things and what matters about the latest marketing news. 8 weeks to uplevel your marketing game - let's do it! Don't forget to li

How to Generate B2B Leads on a Budget - S3:E1
April 20, 2021

Wondering how to generate leads in a B2B marketing context? Had your budget stripped and now you need to be more resourceful than ever in your lead generation strategy?Don't worry - we've got it coveredExpert B2B marketer, Chris Hann, Digital Marketing

Should I Start My Own Podcast? - S2:E8
March 02, 2021

That question that I get asked every so often, "Should I start my own podcast?"In this episode I talk through some of the practical things I've learned about platforms and gear as well as the realities of being on a recording schedule, producing content

How to write copy that converts and the Facebook/Google Australia spat - S2:E7
February 23, 2021

A commentary on the proposed media bill by the Australian government, and how the big tech companies are responding. It could result in Google search being withdrawn from the country, but Facebook has already acted. So why should we be worried? Also today