Designed For Wellbeing Podcast

Designed For Wellbeing Podcast

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Clarissa Farr on Why Schools Matter
July 29, 2020

How and why schools should be inspirational places

Inclusive Growth with Toby Mildon
July 22, 2020

Our speaker today is Toby Mildon, Diversity & Inclusion Architect at Mildon, a consultancy and advisory business. Toby works with businesses to re-engineer business processes and systems to minimise t

Bricks and Soul with Victoria Sinclair
July 15, 2020

Victoria manages a successful, growing property company with busy home life too - 4 kids, 2 dogs, 6 chickens, and two lambs! Prior to developing property, she worked on TV for 16 years as a series pro

Happy by Design with Ben Channon
July 09, 2020

In today's episode, Ben talks about designing buildings as places to empower people, to enable people to live better lives. These are places that are easy to use and that also bring you joy when you u

Karen Haller on the Power of Colour
July 01, 2020

Karen Haller consults, trains and heads colour campaigns for prestigious global brands such as Farrow & Ball, Dove, Fiat, and Ascot Races.  We talk about how colour influences our mood and behaviour (

Daniel Priestley on Principles For Successful Property Businesses
July 01, 2020

How and why businesses should align with a higher purpose, and the principles of being oversubscribed to drive sales and investment

Oliver Heath on Biophilia
July 01, 2020

How can we connect with nature inside buildings to improve our quality of life?

Designed For Wellbeing Podcast is Live!
June 22, 2020

Philippa and Tom Charrier, Property Developers and Investors and Co-founders of FAT Properties