Me, Myself and Others

Me, Myself and Others

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Ep. 11 - Playing Games
January 28, 2021

Been a minute. Here's a catch up. 

Ep. 10 - Halloween
September 29, 2020

Get your costumes ready!

Ep. 9 - Erick
August 16, 2020

On today's episode, I got the privilege of having one of my buddies, Erick, on the show! We talked about a lot of different things, so it's best to just hit play and let it happen. Enjoy! 

Ep. 8 - The Perfect Sunday
August 04, 2020

Please enjoy a chill, short episode where I share some details from an all-around good Sunday. 

Ep. 7 - Disney Vlogs, Negative Yelp Reviews and Doo Doo Pie Eaters
July 29, 2020

Welcome back, Doo Doo Pie Eaters. On today's episode, I talk about my love/hate relationship with Disney World, and I also unpack the complexity behind some interesting Yelp reviews I found.  I hope you enjoy, and thank you for listening!

Ep. 6 - There's Something in the Water!
July 14, 2020

I love sharks. I love movies. When you combine the two, what could go wrong? That is the question I plan to tackle in this episode. I pick 3 shark-movies from various streaming platforms and decide to rank them based on how much I enjoyed them. Also, this

Ep. 5 - Lady Mae
July 07, 2020

FINALLY! We have our first guest of the podcast! My wife, Macie, and I grabbed some microphones and set out to talk about the recent trip we took to Charleston, South Carolina. We start with a quick rant about finding love, and then we move into some of o

Ep. 4 - The 12:00AM Dude.
June 29, 2020

Welcome back!  In episode 4, I take the time to review/recap "The Midnight Man." This is a horror movie that can be streamed on Hulu! I talk about what I liked in the movie and what I did not like. I end it by giving the movie a score out of 10 and b

Ep. 3 - Ya Boy Got a New Mic!
June 24, 2020

In this episode, I mainly talk about some current events! I also share some great Youtube recommendations for those looking to laugh. Thanks for listening!

Ep. 2 - Killer Kroces From Outer Space!
June 17, 2020

Welcome back! In episode 2, I catch you up a little on what's going on in my life. Also, I give you 2 recommendations:1. Go listen to Jim Croce's album "Life and Times"2. Go watch the movie "Killer Klowns From Outer Space"Let me know what you think.