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Mystical Minds Codex

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Episode 4 Movies, Books, Art, and More - Mystical Minds Codex
February 01, 2021

Amethyst brings in two important people to her. They talk about pagan movies, books, and art. They discuss how Hollywood, and the world perceive them. They talk about the gods, Athena, and Apollo. Then Discuss Herbs, Stones, and thier new addition to the

Episode 3 Spooky and The Rambles- Mystical Minds Codex
October 30, 2020

Listen in as Opal and Amethyst go over their childhood traditions and what their favorite Halloween movies are. Along with,  cover a more serious topic, their views on culture appropriation. What is the Mystic's  experience with the supernatural?  ---

Episode 2 In The Broom Closet- Mystical Minds Codex
October 19, 2020

What is the Mystics opinion on the phrase "In The Broom Closet?" The Mystic Minds explain ways you can hide your practice, while also giving their opinion on the matter. Listen as Opal and Amethyst talk about their "Broom Closet" experiences and if they o

Episode 1 Our spiritual Paths - Mystical Minds Codex
June 22, 2020

Listen in, as Opal Moon and Amethyst Rose discuss their individual pagan paths. They cover over spiritual topics, and explain what they are wanting to accomplish as people listen. They hope a little in sight of what they believe will give you a better und