An Organic Journey - A Podcast on Natural Lifestyles

An Organic Journey - A Podcast on Natural Lifestyles

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Taking Control of IBS and Anxiety | Laura Martin | Wellness Warrior
November 27, 2021

Guest: Laura MartinTopic: IBS & AnxietyTakeaways:1. Nutrition can be used for mental clarity and focus, instead of just the physical2. Gut health is the root of all health3. Health does not need to be complicatedGuest BioOur guest for today is Laura

The Benefits of Plant Based Eating | Carri Mansfield | Wellness Warrior
July 19, 2021

Guest: Carri MansfieldTopic: The Benefits of Plant Based EatingTakeaways:How to have confidence in your food/lifestyle choices.Healthy, plant based food can be delicious and simple.Plant based foods that are satisfying, not just eating salad.Guest Intr

Stress Management with Mindfulness and Meditation | Frida Soerensen | Wellness Warrior
July 11, 2021

Guest: Frida SoerensenTopic: Intentional Meditation and how it can Help with Stress ManagementTakeaways: Your health is your number one asset whatever work you do. It's up to make it a priority. You can't sacrifice your health for extra producti

Ecotherapy/Nature Therapy for Wellness | Filmmaker Tanya Regan | Wellness Winner
July 06, 2021

"Ecotherapy/Nature Therapy for Wellness l Filmmaker Tanya Regan"Topic: How Nature can Help your Mental HealthTakeaways:the value of filling your own cup before caring for othersthat connecting to nature leads to connecting to oneselfthat conne

Using Wellness To Find Purpose | Mike Iamele | Wellness Warrior
June 27, 2021

Have you wondered what is your purpose in life? Better yet, what makes you happy, and when do you feel fulfilled doing something you love? We all know that the best things in life are the things that we’re naturally good at. But how do we live doing the t

Using Genetics To Hack The Body Naturally | Dr. LuLu Shimek | Wellness Warrior
June 20, 2021

We all have at one point or another in our lives dealing with some type of stress. Who doesnt? Sometimes, it can seem so overwhelming. How do we know when we need help? And what do we do when we feel like we cannot cope? These are some of the questions w

Healing Hormonal Imbalance Naturally | Maraya Brown | Wellness Warrior
June 13, 2021

Episode #16Hormonal Imbalance and How it Affects Womens HealthGuest: Maraya BrownWe all know about hormones. How many times have you heard someone excuse their behavior by saying Oh, its the hormones! or Im just a little hormonal this time of the

The magic of Tantra for Wellness| Ella Fuksbrauner | Wellness Warrior
January 28, 2021

The Magic of TantraOur guest this week is Ella Fuksbrauner a tantric healer who helps people work on themselves, individuals' struggles, and seeing patterns in their life that they understand but can’t seem to change. Ella uses her own experiences of

Vegan Lifestyles for Beginners | Morgan Fitchett | Wellness Warrior
November 15, 2020

Are you ready to own your own wellness?Join us in todays episode as we speak with Morgan Fitchett, a vegan lifestyle and wellness coach. Morgan focuses on helping women engage in a vegan diet and lifestyle without giving the life they love. Morgan launch

Building a lifetime of Natural Selfcare One Tiny Habit at a Time Alka Chopra | Wellness Warrior
November 08, 2020

Making self-care a lifestyle and a cultureDo you put off self-care? Do you remember the last time you just spent a day focusing on you and only you? Our guest today is Alka Chopra is registered dietician and certified diabetes educator. She also educat