Diversity in Research Podcast

Diversity in Research Podcast

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Exploring future transnational cooperation for Europe’s universities: What does it mean for minorities?
January 15, 2024

Global collaborations in research, teaching and student recruitment remain at the heart of the work of higher education institutions across Europe. The European Universities Association (EUA) recently released a report which explores possible futures of t

Research management around the world - and why internationalisation and diversity are core skills
January 08, 2024

Research management has grown globally over recent years, with universities, funders, and policymakers recognising the profession's importance in ensuring effective research delivery, particularly as research becomes increasingly international in foc

Diversity in FP10: Surprising lessons from Polish LGBTQ+ history
December 03, 2023

Along with much of the European research community, we're slowly warming up for what FP10 - the next European research framework programme - will look like. Our primary concern, not surprisingly, is what role diversity and internationalisation play.

In defence of indicators for Research Culture
November 14, 2023

UK politics are never boring - not even when it comes to research policy (which - lets face it - can appear quite sedate for non-research-geeks).In this episode, we explore the recent spat after UKRI announced that in the next REF - Research Culture woul

Ethical Science Communication and Diversity with Eva Kagiri-Kalanzi from Scientia Scripta
October 31, 2023

Eva Kagiri-Kalanzi from Scientia Scripta joins us this week to talk about Science Communication and public engagement, working across higher education research institutions and her experiences as a black woman in research management who migrated first to

Impact and diversity - a conversation with Julie Bayley.
October 16, 2023

Societal impact is increasingly important, and as such, impact is a term that is now widely used across academia and research. Luckily, Julie Bayley, impact guru (and "Murder She Wrote" aficionado), has written a book about what research impact

PRIDE in STEM - a conversation with Dr Alfredo Carpineti
September 25, 2023

In this episode, we talk to Dr. Alfredo Carpineti, science reporter, founder and chair of PRIDE in STEM. We explored what PRIDE in STEM is - whether it's still important - and whether things are worse for LGTBQ+ people in STEM than in the rest of ac

How can you include diversity and internationalisation in research proposals?
September 12, 2023

Season seven is here!We kick off the new season by discussing how you can include diversity and internationalisation in research proposals. We know this isn't always familiar territory for people so we thought talking you through our approach might

Hey Gurl - Congrats on the new job Iliona Ivanova!
July 07, 2023

We begin this episode by welcoming the new EU Commissioner (expected at least) Iliona Ivanovo, by saying Hey gurl! as only two gay guys can do it.We finish season 6 with a look back at the first half of 2023 and looking at wins and fails from our point

The importance of representation - on being the first woman of colour chairing EARMA - and how ARMA has worked with diversity
May 29, 2023

This episode is inspirational and aspirational as we continue exploring what we learned at the EARMA Conference 2023.Right before the conference, EARMA elected Dipti Pandya, chair-elect of EARMA as the first woman of colour. So we had a chat with her and