Small City Dreams

Small City Dreams

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Things Get Real
August 05, 2020

What its like to be Dj Khaled, Crazy School, Just More Small City Problems

Problems #2
July 26, 2020

Tory lane and Megan the stallion, Your favorite NBA Star, Did you ever walk to school DO you use dating apps???

July 04, 2020

Whats the top fast food place, are burger king fries nasty, no selection in a small city, is Jada Pinkett having an affair, something that we struggle with in small city

The Kick it Spot
June 28, 2020

Check out what it's like to be a Cart Narc. Ja Rule be wildin! Would you sue like Justin bieber and get 20 million! Check out our Karen segment.

The Beginning
June 23, 2020

Future owes too much in child support, Why GenZ hates millennials so much, Learn about the man who has 239 Grandchildren , come support our first podcast