5 foot 1 on a good day

5 foot 1 on a good day

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19: What holds the most value?
November 10, 2020

When it comes to you, working for someone else, and building your brand...how do we define value? Where should our focus lie? Press play to hear my strategies for navigating such a seemingly imbalanced season of life.  To read the article referenced

18: Business Mistake #3
October 27, 2020

In hindsight, I wish I would have sought out clarity on my particular sphere of influence in the jobs that I held. Because going "above and beyond" seemed to get me further, I gave up the need for clarity and became exhausted instead. Listen in for the st

17: Business Mistake #2
August 11, 2020

This episode is the second in a new series where I'm sharing my very real mistakes in the business world. Students, educators, leaders, and employees- listen in. This one is my Business Mistake #2: Too high of expectations for higher education. --- Thi

16: Business Mistake #1
August 11, 2020

I have always promised authenticity through an imperfect journey, so I'm sharing the major mistakes I've made in business. There's information and key takeaway points for those of you in leadership and who are functioning solo during this season. Listen i

15: Holding Space for Your Employees
August 03, 2020

This one's for the leaders, managers, and team oriented bosses! Holding space for your employees is an intimidating concept that very few people are doing, let alone talking about. Let me walk you through how I went from chatting with my team between cust

14: Leading From the Middle
July 15, 2020

I see you, and your desire to be seen as a leader within your organization. I understand (firsthand) how challenging it can be to journey into discovering your authentic self, and then to walk into a workplace in which you feel unseen. In this episode, I'

13: How You Relate to Your Environment
July 14, 2020

We just finished a brief series about Authenticity in Business, where I covered the ways that authenticity did and did not show up in some of the previous jobs that I have held. In this 6 minute wrap-up, I am giving you a handful of questions to refer bac

12: Authenticity in the Midst of Chaos
July 06, 2020

Here's the truth: Some things don't go as planned. And other things don't go as planned...over and over and over again. On this final episode of the "Authenticity in Business" series, I'm sharing with you the key takeaways I got from some of my most chall

11: Authentic Honesty
June 29, 2020

Being authentically honest in business feels like a high-risk, low reward scenario. But is it, really? What if authentic honesty would actually enhance your client relationships? This episode is part of my "Authenticity in Business" series, so you better

10: Authenticity When It's Uncomfortable
June 22, 2020

Grab your notebooks, y'all. This episode, episode 3 in the Authenticity in Business series, is JAM PACKED of good information. You're going to learn what it looks like to truly cover your employees and your clients, but most importantly- how to cover your