Ready To Redo

Ready To Redo

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56. Important lessons from the Classroom
January 12, 2022

New year, new practical lessons learnt from the classroom! Today I've compiled the top tips from my recent teaching placement, all of which help you become a better teacher Feedback, queries, anecdote

55. The Art of Project Based Learning w/ Brandon Lee (Khan Lab School)
December 13, 2021

Some of you might not know that Sal Khan (Khan Academy) actually has a PHYSICAL SCHOOL in California! Aaaand you guessed it, today we're incredibly lucky to be joined by Brandon Lee, director of Proje

A big apology (+ the future of ‘Ready to Redo‘)
December 13, 2021

First of all, an INCREDIBLY HUGE SORRY for the unexplained silence. May fizzle now rest in peace, and the podcast live on (even while I'll be immersing myself in good ol' traditional education!) Feedb

53. Teaching 21st Century Skills w/ Victoria Ransom (Prisma Part 2)
October 03, 2021

Prisma isn't teaching kids WHAT to learn, but HOW to learn. It's personalised, practical, teaching essential 21st century skills, and basically solving a lot of what i've ranted about on this podcast!

52. How to reframe Failure and Grades in the Classroom
September 25, 2021

If a student sees an F on their test, they'll think many things. One of them being "I'm a failure"... How toxic is that? Today's episode is all about psychology, conditioning, and ways to UNDO a stude

51. Prisma: Revolutionising the Future of Education w/ Emily Veno (Part 1)
September 19, 2021

Traditional education just ain't working, and Prisma seems to have just the perfect solution. In part 1, I chat to Emily Veno, Prisma's head of curriculum on how they're revolutionising the idea of sc

50. How the Future of School is Changing (+ 50th episode celebration!!)
September 11, 2021

Times are changing... which means schools need a revamp (all of which I explain in an extraordinarily long analogy involving singing competitions and spotify). Also... HAPPY 50TH EPISODE! Insanity I t

49. Reimagining Online Learning at Primer (with CEO Ryan Delk)
September 04, 2021

Interested in revolutionising online learning? Then take notes in today's episode, with Primer CEO and cofounder Ryan Delk! Primer is an online education platform for homeschoolers aged 9-12, and they

48. Giving An A (A Game changer for School Grading)
August 21, 2021

The grading system's failing us, so what alternatives do we have? Today we unpack the 'Art of Possibility' by Benjamin and Rosamund Zander, specifically around the concept of 'giving an A' - a VERY ho

47. Myths of Self Care and Self Worth w/ Dr Sia (ISTDP)
August 14, 2021

Hello hello! Today we're joined by registered psychotherapist Dr Sia Bandarian to discuss ISTDP psychotherapy, the myths and lies around self-care and self worth, and of course linking that back to ed