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Not Another Review Show

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Big Fat Reeling in The Years (2021), Kanyes New GF and Cleaning a Cat with Your Tongue
January 12, 2022

New Year, same us.We're back rolling in the new year and remembering all the events of 2021 and how tragic it was.We discuss our sexual highlights and lowlights of the year and finish off with a story of a woman who put her life in her hands trying to cle

Keanu Parton, Christmas Villains & an £85 Grinch
December 22, 2021

It's time to yule the logs, egg the nogs and kris the krindle, Merry Christmas everyone!We start with a view for the news, the goings on of our weeks and the worlds events.The quickly delve into the nasty characters that give Christmas it's heart.In Cala

WE'RE BACK: Spotify Wrapped, Pete Davidson, Sex Myths
December 08, 2021

GUESS WHO'S BACK?We are! it's us!We are returned from our brief (okay not that brief) hiatus to bring you our most filth filled episode yet.We catch you up on our lives and the lives of Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson.Then as a little treat, the listener

Chris Pratt is Mario, Concerts & A Whole Heap of Lube
September 29, 2021

Time to rock out and tune into your favourite podcast of nonsense because we're back baby.This weeks news is all the M's; Montero the Album, Mario the Movie, MmmmmmSquid Game (ignore that last one).The topic is the best and worst of live concerts and gigs

Met Gala, Nightclubs & Penis Pumps
September 16, 2021

Better late than never!The stars are out this week with some of the best and worst outfits that have ever graced the red carpet of the MetWe also discuss our love hate relationships with nightclubs and some of our worst experiences in them.Cala after dark

OnlyFans, Long Distance & Dirty DMs
September 01, 2021

Did someone say special guest? We did! We’ve got friend and sex worker Mel on to discuss everything that’s going on with Only Fans and some cool insights into how she makes her $.Additionally, Kanye streams his bizarre album launch party, we discuss the i

The Wonderful Walrus, Cooking Shows and Cocaine
August 18, 2021

Grab your aprons because we're cooking up a storm this episode!Cian and Cala don their chef hats and remote controls and chat about their cooking prowess and their favourite cooking shows!On top of that Cian reveals his new love in life, a wonderful chaot

Industry Baby, Sex Parties and Kegel Weights
August 04, 2021

It’s a sex party and everyone’s invited. Kind of.Cala is mysteriously absent from most of this episode and we hear all the fans sighing. Fear not, Cian’s got a jam packed interview with the lovely Cookie Monster (kind of) about all things sex parties, clu

Space Race, Superpowers & Summer Sex
July 21, 2021

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? No it’s Cala and Cian pretending they could possibly be trusted with superpowers!Another snatched ep jam packed full of NARS fun.The space race is full of small penis losers, it’s not coming home and the weather is HOT.We real

The UK Government, Life Changes & The One.
July 07, 2021

It's been a while, but we're back with a special guest episode, so who's complaining? (Not you, hopefully.)Funny, upbeat and overall lovely human being Maddie Cowey joins us to discuss big life changes and shed some light on Sarcoma; a little known cancer