Silver Linings: Spirtuality in Life

Silver Linings: Spirtuality in Life

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Episode 26 - You Were Made to Soar
January 11, 2024

Eagles are born with big, heavy wings. They learn to fly without actually flapping their wings. They do this to conserve energy. Instead, they rely on wind thermals, a gust of wind that will rise from

Episode 25 - I Can’t Wait for Christmas
December 15, 2023

The blessed Feast of Christmas was established over 2000 years ago to honour and glorify the birth of the most important Man who ever lived.In Silver Linings, Terry Lees speaks of the real Santa Clau

Episode 24 - Christmas Everyday
December 15, 2023

Its Christmas time and leading up to Christmas, Christmas songs abound. You hear them on the radio and television, in shopping malls and stores, as youre wandering the grocery aisles or waiting to g

Episode 23: Let it Go
May 30, 2023

Nelson Mandela, the first black President of South Africa and the first President to be elected in a fully representative election, spent 27 years in prison, right up until apartheid ended. He had eve

Episode 22: Footprints in the Sand
May 17, 2023

People of faith believe that God is always with us. At some times we fail to recognise Gods presence.Footprints in the Sand is frequently framed for display in living rooms and bedrooms. You can b

Episode 21: The Happy Homeless Millionaire
September 08, 2022

Have you heard the story of the millionaire who gave away everything he owned to become homeless and happy? He told of having no regrets about walking away from a lucrative shearing business that mad

Episode 20: Love in Relationship
September 01, 2022

Relationship begins with people. Interaction with other human beings is something we crave and need in our lives. We rely on the strength of human relationships to survive and thrive. We are born into

Episode 19: Who Are You Really
August 25, 2022

Have you ever stopped to ask yourself who you are? Not who you think you should be, but actually who you already ARE. Life Coach Allanah Hunt teaches Once upon a time you were free to think, feel and

Episode 18: One Thousand Marbles
May 17, 2022

How do we spend our time on the planet? Do we fill it with mindless activity, or do we consider it a precious gift? In 1,000 Marbles, author Jeff Davis shares a modern parable about discovering and ap

Episode 17: Love is What We are Born With
May 03, 2022

Most of us long for stronger, more creative and rewarding ways of loving each other.Bestselling American author and spiritual leader Marianne Williamson says: Love is what we were born with. Fear i