Papa Purpies Podcast

Papa Purpies Podcast

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Jason Y
July 12, 2021

Rock climbing, music theory

Tanner Again!
June 26, 2021

Reflecting on last year and getting sidetracked in philosophy.

#7-Ethan P
September 14, 2020

This gets a little spicy into some topics, just a heads up

#6-Kodiak C, Tanner N and Tom C
August 15, 2020

Error Error Error

#5- Ben H and Josh B
July 22, 2020

Author criticism and girls in boy scouts.

#4 William and Tanner
July 18, 2020

Theater arts and staffing experience

#3-Andrew, Greyson, Colin and Hunter
July 15, 2020

Definitely got a little off track, drama and theories.

#2-Bonus interviews!
July 09, 2020

I interview Andrew, Alex and Derrick about Camp Phillip's and how it's changed their lives.

#2-Andrew, Alex and Derrick
July 09, 2020

Join us as we talk with friends about fun stories at camp

#1- Tanner, Stevie and Derrick
July 04, 2020

Join us in the northern woods as we explore music, tell stories and laugh a little.