Bouff Talks - The Podcast

Bouff Talks - The Podcast

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EP1: 'Lets Talk' - Starting A Fashion Brand. Feat. @Edwine_gum
October 01, 2020

Our special guest for this episode goes by the name of Edwina. In the midst of quarantine, the talented designer launched her very own fashion line called EDURÉ. —————————————————————— Welcome to our new series called 'Lets Talk' wher

EP7: Has Lusting been Normalised??
September 17, 2020

In this episode, the guys discussed the whole concept around Lusting and how this could impact a romantic relationship. Also, Should the guy always pay for the date regardless of their situation?? And wait.. are mandem still partying in a pandemic???!! En

EP6: Whats Happening? Sports Boycott Over Already? The Media And Selective Censorship.
September 03, 2020

"Because you can't have a meeting full of white people to determine the outcome and the strategies of how to handle a BLACK issue..." In this episode, the guys shared their thoughts and opinions on what's currently happening in the world right now from ho

August 20, 2020

In this episode, the guys discussed all forms of Relationships from a Gen Z (and general) perspective and what we've noticed whilst growing up with cultural relationships to the workplace, old Sixth form experience, and in life so far. Enjoy the episode

EP4: Lockdown, Uni Stories, Lessons and... Blessings???
August 06, 2020

In this episode, the guys discussed what we noticed during lockdown from a business and personal development perspective including the ups and downs throughout University to now. Enjoy the episode and join in the conversations with the hashtag: #BouffTalk

EP3: 'That Jada And Will Love Yeahh...?'
July 23, 2020

In this episode, the guys discussed the Entanglement situation from multiple different angles and also spoke about our views on such situations from not only a religious standpoint but also from a Gen Z perspective too.  Enjoy the episode and be sure

EP2: "Lets Talk Solutions Now..." - (#BLM Special)
July 09, 2020

In the studio, we got: Justin, Tolu, Sam, and Tre... In this unfiltered 2nd Episode of Bouff Talks, we carried out an in-depth conversation about the BLM Movement as of current and the potential ways we as people can continue to uphold and increase the pr

EP1: How has social media impacted the BLM Movement?
June 25, 2020

In this episode, Justin, Tolu, Sam, and Tom discuss:  - The surrounding effects which social media is proving to have on the BLM Moment. - The overconsumption of social media.  - Are the people behind these corporations being genuine with their BLM supp

Bouff Talks - The Podcast Teaser
June 23, 2020

Remember those lunch time table conversations we all used to have with our friends ?? Laughing for time, giving advice and all round just a general conversation. Well.. weve brought that same nostalgic feeling into our new Podcast: Bouff Talks In the stu