All Black Men Need Therapy

All Black Men Need Therapy

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Ep.105 Clip: One Step At A Time
April 18, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Chief gets closer and closer to being open to the possibility of mending the relationship with his fatherSupport the Show.

Ep.105 Clip: Sometimes You Do Get A 2nd Chance
April 17, 2024

Send us a Text Message.The fellas discuss making the best of 2nd chances and the similarities between them and their fathersSupport the Show.

Ep.105 Clip: Like Father Like Son
April 17, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Prentice learns new information about his father and realizes they have more in common than he thinks.Support the Show.

Ep.105 Clip: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up
April 16, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Bell gives insight on not placing expectations on others. The Golden rule isnt always reciprocated.Support the Show.

Ep.105 Clip: Gotta Start Somewhere
April 12, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Chief discloses a recent conversation he had with family that will help him on his healing journey with the relationship with his father.Support the Show.

Huge Step Towards Healing | E105: All Black Men Need Therapy
April 12, 2024

Send us a Text Message.Chief, Bell and Prentice let the check-in carry this episode as they learn of Chief finally lowering his guard, and allowing himself to take a bigger step in the direction of healing the relationship with his father. Prentice also,

Don’t Be Too Humble| E104: All Black Men Need Therapy
April 05, 2024

Chief, Bell and Prentice give a recap to their first live speaking gig in San Diego for the Aspen Challenge. The conversation shifts to learning of Chief having a huge international event that he didn't tell the fellas about. Is there such a thing as

Ep.104 Clip: Stop That Humble Sh!t
April 04, 2024

The fellas discuss taking a step away from the humility and proudly flexing their accomplishments.Support the show

All Black Men Need Therapy | E103: Identity: LIVE At Morehouse College
March 29, 2024

The fellas start their HBCU tour with a LIVE recording at Morehouse College. The topic of the day is Identity. The conversation ranges from your identity being impressed on us as children, the identity others give us in which we use to validate ourselves

Ep.103 Clip: I’m a Man….. Ain’t I???
March 28, 2024

The fellas discuss the inner battle in chasing manhood while still being a child.Support the show