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House of Daft Easter Special
April 02, 2021

In a very special Easter edition (everyone does an Easter special, right?) Simon Callow is here to put the 'Dick' in Dickens as he reads an extract from a newly discovered story, 'An Easter Oratorio'.

HOD: Season 1 Episode 6
August 22, 2020

One last hoorah! We're having a little party to celebrate the end of season 1. Join us (no, please do - we need the figures!). All your favourites from the season are there. Sadly, David Attenborough and Alan Bennett couldn't' make it, but they did send c

HOD: Season 1 Episode 5
July 28, 2020

Sorry for the delay, I've been busy! So, here - have an extended ad for all my other podcasts, catch up with acting twin legends, Mary-Jane and Audrey Orson, and that woman from Masterchef narrates something with extra sauce.. If there's extra background

HOD: Season 1 Episode 4
July 13, 2020

Should we start looking at venues? This time, never right Alt-Right dingus, Royston Hertfordshire, fails at arguing, we catch up with your favourite '70s child star, and Sarah Millican (and her fella) review pornography. I do all this in my bedroom, you k

HOD: Season 1 Episode 3
July 10, 2020

We must stop meeting like this! In this episode we take a look at the amount of work it takes to turn a well known film into a musical (not much), get a love-life life-line from Renee Dimmock, and from the archives,Terry Wogan takes Janet and John on a mo

HOD: Season 1 Episode 2
June 29, 2020

Oh, you're back! This week, David Attenborough looks at wildlife of a different nature, my Auntie Pam talks over the TV, and relax with some soothing ASMR.

HOD: Season 1 Episode 1
June 23, 2020

In this inauguraural ( that a word?..) episode, a sound artist gets revenge on an ex lover, Alan Bennett reviews pornography, and we hear from a very special guest.