Whispered Thoughts

Whispered Thoughts

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Deep dive into the criminal code Act. 2004
October 04, 2020

Don't be a criminal!

Nigeria @60; a failed government or a failed people
October 01, 2020

A call to reflect and have a participatory form of government

Introduction to the Criminal Code Act LFN, 2004
September 06, 2020

It is important to know our laws. This series on the criminal code Act will give a robust insight to description of crimes and their punishments.

Does right to liberty really exist???
August 23, 2020

Take time to listen till the end... The concept of right to Liberty was extensively discussed

Can #Revolutionnow work?
August 09, 2020

Try listen till the end where I suggested a solution. Kindly let me know If you agree or disagree.

The road map from where we are to where we wanna be
August 02, 2020

This is an admonishment to all that there is urgent need to take a radical departure from the current day oppressive system. Kindly listen till the end.

Have you not become the person you hated so much??? Let us self evaluate!
July 26, 2020

This episode is call to the people of Nigeria at home and in diaspora to look within and ensure that we are all not guilty of the accusations against bad leadership and corruption!

The contextual meaning of the concept of BAIL IS FREE
July 19, 2020

This is a vibe on how bail is not free in Nigeriaq