Deepak Digwa Story To Tell

Deepak Digwa Story To Tell

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Deepak Digwa Story To Tell - IPhone App
December 27, 2020

Everyone has an idea for an App nowadays. Having years of experience in the industry it’s astonishing how many people blindly walk into this venture, myself included. Before taking the plunge read this book and you will be in a better position than 90% of

Deepak Digwa Story To Tell- F*ck Jobs
December 05, 2020

In this episode, we focus more on the author than the book. The mentor Jason capital is one of the most remarkable humans to live, and I owe a large amount of my successes to him. From dating expert to self progression, he is my favourite mentor of all ti

Deepak Digwa - Jay Abraham panel 2
October 27, 2020

You listen to me reviewing books often, but this one is slightly different. We look at a transcript which is a gold mine. Allow your self to be a fly on the wall while the geniuses go to work. If you ever had a business idea, own any business or have frie

Deepak Digwa - This book will teach you how to write
October 13, 2020

You want to better your life but you don’t know where to start ? Reading is the guide to all problems. On this episode we focus on the most important human skill, this one skill can make you into the most successful human on the plant. Or can make you the

Deepak Digwa Story To Tell: The way of the wolf Jordan Belfort
July 30, 2020

Sales is the important skill you can learn, mastering it unlocks all the wonders of the world. Failure to do so keeps you trapped and never able to to truly reach your potential. This is one of my favourite sales books and has provided me with some of the

Deepak Digwa Story to Tell: The richest man in Babylon
July 10, 2020

This is one of the best books I have ever read. If financial freedom is something you desire. And your in need of everlasting principles which are unwavering in terms of making money. I truly recommend you read the richest man in Babylon.

Deepak Digwa Story To Tell: The power of the subconscious mind
June 25, 2020

On this episode, we discuss one of the most famous self-help books of all time (The power of the subconscious mind). I share my opinion and the main principles in this book. Providing you with a quick overview and direct application to your everyday life.

Deepak Digwa Story To Tell: Interview with Miklol Seyoum
June 23, 2020

We start this journey with one of the most hungry and talented young entrepreneurs I have ever seen.  He is a brother to me and a lifelong friend and business partner Miklol Seyoum. LISTEN to this podcast to hear how we began our journey and created