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Monna continued...
November 16, 2020

There were difficulties with audio in episode 7 ('Monna'), so this episode is an attempt from us, to redeem ourselves. This is an episode that still deals with 'the man' and who he is in society. This is a continuation of 'Monna'.

October 19, 2020

In a world so full of ups and downs, fast paced with nothing left behind, stability is imperative. In today's episode we talk about the entirety of stability in accordance to our lives as yet. It is important to constantly reevaluate our lives, so as to f

October 05, 2020

Men. Our protectors and suitors, our leaders and partners, but sometimes, they destroy and cause pain. This shouldn't be the legacy of a man. In this episode we talk to a man who sheds some light on some of the details on being a man, what he has been thr

Femme Formidable
August 24, 2020

She. She is great, she is powerful and she is a force to be reckoned with. This episode is about the women we've chosen to surround ourselves with, what life has thrown at those women, and how they navigate about their lives. Here lies a story of one of t

August 14, 2020

We all wonder about certain things in life, we question and we attempt to find the answers to these questions. In this episode, we share about some of our questions, and to an extent, where the questions are directed. We are inquisitive beings, lead by a

Thokoza Gogo
July 30, 2020

There is great importance in knowing thy self, importance in remaining rooted in oneself. This episode is a reminder that 'getting to know yourself' is a journey we must all undergo, for there, you will find your soul's purpose. Take the lessons from this

Generation Z
July 21, 2020

Every generation has that thing specific to them, that thing that sets them apart. This week we talk about the youngest generation, Gen Z. A vibrant, social, and tech loving generation, have a listen, there's more to them than meets the eye.

An imperishable Spirit
July 06, 2020

So often in life, we face moments where we need to fight, and in those moments you cannot back down, you cannot fall to the ground and remain there, you must fight. In this episode, my guest and I discuss our fights in life and how we didn't allow them to

Imperfect Love
June 29, 2020

The point was not to be perfect, instead, the point was to be real, and in being real, there are imperfections, and I am okay with that. I bring you my first episode, raw, uncut and real. Make love what it is to you, you have every right to. Here I discus

June 23, 2020

This is a brief introduction about what the show has to offer. A small taste of what I have to offer. Stay tuned