Bulls, Bears, and Deers

Bulls, Bears, and Deers

Latest Episodes

Season 2 Episode 1
March 04, 2021

We are back after a good break. Catch up with Robert and Blake and get their thoughts on current market trends.

Episode 10 Market Mania
September 03, 2020

Market Mania time to sell? AAPL and TSLA just split, who is printing money faster them or JPow and the Fed?

Episode 9 Indicators
August 19, 2020

Philosophizing about your favorite indicator? Checkout this episode about indicators.

Episode 8 Earnings Season
August 12, 2020

Why didn't my stock go up on good earnings?!

Episode 7 Margin
August 05, 2020

What is Margin? Should I use it? How, when, and why? 

Episode 6 That stock is expensive
July 28, 2020

That stock is too expensive. Well what is expensive? A little about how Blake and Robert look at comparing apples to apples when valuing stocks.

Episode 5 Asking good questions
July 22, 2020

So, Blake what do you think about AAPL? Robert, what do you think about SQ? Stop asking these questions. Blake and Robert discuss the most annoying questions they get asked about stocks and give advice on how to ask better questions. Also what are jorts?

Episode 4 Trading vs Investing
July 15, 2020

Blake and Robert discuss their views on trading vs investing. Tips for newbies and vets alike.

Episode 3 Kangaroo Markets
July 06, 2020

WOW what a rally and who is buying bankrupt companies. Robinhood and retail thoughts.

Episode 2 Options & ROI
June 29, 2020

Options? Why are options deceiving? And what is annoying about them? Don't get us wrong we love options, but...