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Happy 2024 Godly Girls!!
February 26, 2024

During this episode, I bring yall up to speed with all things Godly Girl as well as Velora. Tune in to get the updates! email me at godlygirlinc@gmail with any questions, suggestions and comments!! I cant wait to hear from you! get your word for the yea

S4 God + Therapy: Finale EP
November 13, 2023

Alright Godly Girls! We've come to the end of our God + Therapy series!! I pray and hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did!! Tune in as Missy & share our major takeaways, fav episode, reviewed the series topics and just the journey of recordi

S4: Ep 6- Emotional Intelligence + Narcissism
October 30, 2023

Listen!!! Press Play!! This episode is one you don't want to miss!!! Ever heard of Narcissism? Emotional intelligence? Narcissist are unavailable emotionally. They don't love themselves. There's hope for the narcissist. Questions to ask yo

S4: Ep 5- Trauma
October 16, 2023

Tune into today's episode on Trauma. Missy wants to help you identify the good in your trauma. Trauma does not have the last say so in your life!One of the key things Missy says will help in your trauma recovery is finding a therapist that specializ

S4: Ep 4- Anxiety
October 02, 2023

Tune into today's episode as Missy talks with us about anxiety and the different types of this disorder. Questions to ask yourself! Are you plagued with fear? Do you always believe something bad will happen? Do you avoid situations that make you u

S4: Ep 3-Grief
September 18, 2023

Tune into today's episode as Missy and I share our experience with Grief. Grief is complex. There's no standard time for the grieving process to end. _____________________________________________________________________________________Connect w

S4: Ep 2-Depression
September 04, 2023

Tune into today's episode as Missy shares her knowledge and clinical experience with Depression. Depression does not have the victory over you! Take back your mental health with God + Therapy!! _______________________________________________________

S4: Ep 1-God + Therapy Intro
August 21, 2023

Hey Godly Girls!! Tune in to the first episode of our new series entitled God + Therapy featuring our lovely guest for this season of the podcast, the one and only Miss Missy Washington!!! Missy opens up the season talking about mental health and its corr

April 24, 2023

So we've come to the end of the road!!! Tune into the finale episode of The Untouched Part as Eunice and I share our takeaways from this journey!! 12 Episodes!! From August 2022 to April 2023!! WOW!!! Connect with Eunice IG: @sermonsonthegoWebsite

S3: EP 12-WHEN: Mark 1:15
April 03, 2023

Listen in as Eunice and I close out the book, discussing the last chapter of The Untouched Part entitled WHEN. We talk about the Gift of Now and the 3 ways we often respond and highlighting the ONLY way we should respond. Soul Tune: Softly & Tenderly