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It's a Journey Radio

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Deep Pedi
October 22, 2022

Considered a relatively fresh in the scene, hes developed a euphoric style of sound with heart-throbbing bass which is a gimmick that grows on you fast but delicately before it leaves you craving for

December 23, 2021

Zaria is a Siberia-born, West Coast-raised dark and melodic techno producer and DJ with a unique and eclectic background. Being a musician from a very young age, her influence spans many genres. Zaria

December 23, 2021

SELECTA-NAY (Tanay Buddhdev) is a local & online DJ in San Francisco Bay Area, California. Being born and raised in Nairobi, Kenya till the age of 18 before moving to California, his style of house &

# 021 Emanate (Mioli Music)
June 10, 2021

Emanate (Emily & Nate) fell in love with the mystique of electronic music at an early age. Nathan Vain knew right away what his future passion held when he acquired his first turntables at the age of

# 020 BRUJA
April 06, 2021

Bruja aka Nina Adib is an up and coming DJ from the SF Bay Area. Her sound can be best described as enchanting and spellbinding. She shares how she got started as a DJ and plans for the future.

# 019 Joseph Lee
April 06, 2021

San Francisco based DJ Joseph Lee shares his beginnings with electronic music and his new project he's taking around the city!

# 018 DJ M3 a.k.a. Makes Me Move
October 30, 2020

Dj M3 has staked his everlasting claim in the Bay Area music community in 1990 as a key promoter and DJ, roles for which he took on the abbreviated appellation of M3, short for Makes Me Move. Begun

# 017 Atlas Kan
September 25, 2020

Atlas Kan is a self-described music aficionado. He is the owner of Bay Area Sound Systems (B.A.S.S.)Join us we talk shop regarding electronic music in the Bay Area and learn a little more about him.Y

# 016 OSZO
July 09, 2020

A freelance graphic designer and owner of Spicy Boys Club by day, he has been using these tools to build not just a clothing brand, but also an organization focused on giving back to the house music c

# 015 Mr. V (Sole Channel, Defected)
June 23, 2020

Mr. V is an American House Music DJ, producer, and vocalist. He is also the owner of Sole Channel Music and Muzik 4 Tomorrow.Mr. V has also released original productions, collaborations & remixes for