Maple Leaf Wrestling History

Maple Leaf Wrestling History

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The Return from Hiatus Hell
September 06, 2021

A very candid shoot interview from the host regarding his time off during the pandemic, and the future of MLW History! this podcast at

The History of Canadian Professional Wrestling (Part 2)
December 05, 2020 Exclusive AudioFollow the show on the blue bird gimmick @MLWhistoryPodAnd if YOU would like to request your own episode, check out my Pilot Episode for details on how to do so. Time Stamps coming soon!Support this podcast at — https

BONUS EP: RAW February 3, 1997 review
October 26, 2020

Time Stamps Coming Soon!Support this podcast at —

BONUS EP: Kenny Omega: The Career Thus Far
August 25, 2020

Intro: 00:00 - 2:45 Explanations & Context: 2:45 - 8:27 Background, Training, and Tragically Canadian Humble Beginnings: 8:48 - 25:06 CLIP: Kenny Omega vs. AJ Styles Highlights: 25:07 - 26:33 Inspired to be Creative: 26:33 - 29:59 CLIP: Om

Canada Day - In Pro Wrestling History (Remastered)
August 12, 2020

Follow the show on the Twitter Gimmick @MLWhistoryPod and donate a dime or something to the show through Red Circle and email your show requests to Timestamps: *Introduction [with disruptions] * 0:00-5:38 - Just trying to

The History of [Canadian] Professional Wrestling (Remastered)
July 09, 2020

Ending at 1900 Timestamps: INTRO (00:00-2:00) A 24-Year-Old Breaks Down the True North for the Misunderstood (2:45-4:20) Some Quick Facts & Stats (4:21-5:35) What a Mindf*** (5:36-6:16) Trying to Explain this Mindf*** (6:17-7:06) A Coup

Introductory Pilot: Behind the Screen
June 22, 2020

I'll admit that this was a little weird at first talking to a screen and pretending to have listeners. But after about 5 minutes, I get into the groove. Hope you all enjoy. And that's MapleLeafPod@gmail.comSupport this podcast at — https://redcirc