Business Trip

Business Trip

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Comparing Psychedelic Compounds in Therapy (Live Panel at Battery SF)
April 09, 2024

Matias hosted a panel at The Battery SF with renowned psychedelics experts, Nolan Williams, Allison Feduccia, Matt Baggott.Nolan is a Stanford professor currently researching ibogaine among other areas in psychiatry and radiology, and he's a founder

What Payers Want with Lili Brillstein
March 14, 2024

Matias interviews Lili Brillstein about how to work collaboratively with healthcare payers (the ones that reimburse for medical expenses).Lili is a pioneer in the field, having previously led one of the largest bundled payment initiatives at Horizon Blue

Decoding the Brain with Ed Boyden
February 22, 2024

Greg and Matias interview Ed Boyden about neuroscience frontiers and its applications to mental health.Ed is a pioneer in understanding the fundamental mechanisms of the brain. He runs a lab at MIT for Synthetic Neurobiology and is a professor across the

5-MeO-DMT in mental healthcare with Steve Rio
January 25, 2024

Greg and Matias interview Steve Rio about 5-MeO-DMT and its potential role in mental healthcare.Steve is a social impact cofounder, transformational coach, and practitioner at the Enfold Institute, one of the most reputable aboveground retreat centers wo

Tom Insel: Startups, AI, Psychedelics, and SSRIs
December 15, 2023

Tom Insel is an entrepreneur and former director of the US National Institute of Mental Health, the lead US agency supporting mental health research with a $2 billion budget. Since his time at the NIMH, Tom has built mental health technology, first at Ver

Food as Medicine for Mental Health: Drew Ramsey
November 30, 2023

What if your next antidepressant was a clam or spinach?Greg & Matias invite Dr. Drew Ramsey to explore nutritional psychiatry - a field exploring how the food we eat can be as powerful as medication in treating mental illnesses like depression and anx

Ketogenic Diet for Brain Health: Jan Baszucki
November 16, 2023

Can diet treat mental illness? Greg and Matias interview Jan Baszucki of the Baszucki Group whose son Matt overcame bipolar through the ketogenic diet.Jan has supported studies on ketogenic diets and fasting protocols for conditions like depression, schiz

Investing in Neurotech 101: Alex Morgan of Khosla Ventures
November 02, 2023

Advancements in neuroscience, AI, and bioengineering are unlocking new possibilities for neurotechnologies. Investors are paying attention.Alex Morgan of Khosla Ventures is an MD, PhD, physicist, and one of the most active investors in neurotech startups.

All you need is d̶r̶u̶g̶s̶ energy: Motif Neurotech's Implants for Depression
October 20, 2023

Neuromodulation flies in the face of modern psychiatry. It can significantly improve mental health without drugs. It allows us to stimulate or inhibit activity in precise regions of the brain using electricity, magnetism or ultrasound. Motif Neurotech is

Holy poop! Mental health and the gut (part 2 with Bloom Science)
September 28, 2023

In part 2 of a 2-part series, Greg and Matias explore microbial therapeutics for mental health with Dr. Christopher Reyes, biophysist, serial enterepreneur, and founder of Bloom Science. Dr. Reyes' research on leveraging microbes to treat neurologica