Little Talks with Big Nikki

Little Talks with Big Nikki

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The Switch Up (It's REAL!)
July 31, 2020

This podcast gets REAL everyone! The overall message I want to send to anyone listening is as follows: People in your life are going to change up on you, so be ready for it. It will feel like it is out of left field, so you should allow yourself to be sad

Whoopsie Weighs In
July 20, 2020

This week I was welcomed back on The Bill Squire Show and Bill's adorable Goldendoodle, Whoopsie, weighs in on the conversation! We discuss the Indian's name change, the awesomeness that is HAMILTON, why I sound like a grandma, the characters of Justice L

I Sound Like A Grandma
July 10, 2020

On this week's episode I'm talking about how I've been watching WAY too much Phineas & Ferb, shopping for a couch resulted in me feeling like a celebrity, a children's TV show has got me triggered, I just learned about Facebook Messenger for Kids and

She Actually Was A Teacher!
July 03, 2020

On this week's episode I'm talking about all the love I received for my Birthday, my interview with Bill Squire as the Alan Cox Show Instagram Hottie of the week and a story about a man shooting his shot at the beach.   People Showing Me Love On My B

Safer But Selfish
June 27, 2020

This week's episode I talk about why I deleted Twitter off my phone for the first time. It can be emotionally and mentally overwhelming to think about all the problems we are facing as a society. I discuss how I am trying to bring myself out of emotional

My Schedule is So Open It's Full
June 19, 2020

Post Quarantine life has been CRAZY! On today's episode I'm talking about how I am not adjusting well due to a lack of a routine and how I've been lowkey on creating YouTube and Social Media content. So, I am catching everyone up on my life the past few w

Everybody Just Wants To Go Home (A Conversation on the Injustices Happening to POC in America)
June 05, 2020

I realize I will never say everything right, I realize I probably didn't cover everything I should've. I'm just being honest with my thoughts and feelings about the past weeks' events. It didn't feel right for me not to say anything on the topic of George

Stay in Your Lane
May 29, 2020

Comparisons will cause you to either demean yourself or demean someone else in an effort to elevate yourself when you're not secure in your own lane. You need to stick to being you and being yourself without limiting your creativity. This is hard to do be

Referrals, Recommendations & Reputations
May 22, 2020

Reputation precedes you and everyone you come into contact with will have a different idea of you. You have to take things you hear about others with a grain of salt and hope others do the same for you. On this episode we're talking about how referrals an

You're Scared Because You're Exposed
May 19, 2020

This is a season for reflection no doubt and it came to my mind, "what is God trying to expose to you, about you?" Then I started thinking about why I am stressed recently, what the root of that really was. I traced it to the fact that I was scared and I