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058 - The artist's journey - Interview with Craig Mullins - Art Department Podcast
June 20, 2022

For this episode we have legendary artist and designer Craig Mullins as our guest. He shares with us how he navigated the commercial art industry throughout the last three decades, what drives him these days and where he sees himself and the industry goin

057 - Can AI replace artists? - Art Department Podcast
May 31, 2022

Youve probably noticed that AI generated images are all the rage again these days in artists circles. Social media is full of it, some looks good (great even!), some not so much! New technologies see to emerge on a daily basis. In a follow up to our prev

056 - The secret for success is inside you! - Interview with Marceau Nakayama - Art Department Podcast
February 22, 2022

Come on a journey with Marceau Nakayama and us from his beginnings in Michelin starred restaurants to Minecraft, from start up companies and ultimately concept design and art direction.

055 - Are you a workaholic? Passion vs Addiction - Art Department Podcast
February 08, 2022

Do you work very long hours? You cant stand not checking your emails? You feel guilty when youre not in front of the computer? If you can answer any of these questions with yes it might just be the case that youre suffering from a modern day addiction

053 - The Making Of 'Giselle' - Art Department Podcast
January 18, 2022

It took a while but were back! Join us for an exlusive making of of Emmanuels short film Giselle that he did for the Epic Games Unreal fellowship and subsequently released online. Apologies for the bad audio, some technical issues made the original a

054 - In the search for meaning - with Neal Spackman and Saiful Haque - Art Department Podcast
January 10, 2022

During the pandemic, a lot of us have been quitting our jobs. Searching for new opportunities. Asking ourselves what is the meaning of it all. Is the work I do the right one for me? Join us for an honest and open look at our jobs, our art and the changes

052 - 127 Hours - Interview with Mieke Hutchins - Art Department Podcast
August 03, 2021

Mieke Hutchins is currently an Art Director at Niantic. In this episode she takes us on a journey through her career as graphic designer, matte painter, concept artist, art director, artist, creative and mother! Join us for another great interview!

051 - From High School to Hollywood - Interview with Kevin Baillie - Art Department Podcast
July 27, 2021

Kevin Baillie had an incredible start into a Hollywood film career, being hired out of high school into the Lucasfilm art department. From there on the path was set. Follow us along through an incredible journey full of motivation and inspiration that is

050 - Self-taught or Art School? - Interview with Darek Zabrocki - Art Department Podcast
July 20, 2021

Darek Zabrocki is a well known concept artist who has worked on numerous big projects. Not only does he share stories and advice about he managed to amass a huge following online, but also how he started a hugely popular art podcast and lately art school!

049 - The Productivity Myth - Art Department Podcast
July 13, 2021

In this episode, aptly titled The Productivity Myth we break down our daily tasks, schedules, routines and habits. Is being productive, prolific and efficient really the best thing to aim for? We think creativity cant be forced, but how can we still de