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carebydesign 019 – Jeff Denby (Part 2 of 2)
April 06, 2021

"I want new public sustainability metrics where brands stand up on stage and [rather than say, We produced X amount of product], they instead say, We reduced the amount of product we made in 2020, and our revenues grew by 20 percent. Thats the shift

carebydesign 018 – Jeff Denby (Part 1 of 2)
March 30, 2021

"These apparel brands need to be in a place where they realize that they're more than just selling rags to customers..."Jeff Denby is the co-founder of The Renewal Workshop. His passion for sustainability in the apparel industry drove him to develop a n

carebydesign 017 – Doniece Sandoval
March 23, 2021

A shower is so vital to our sense of self and our dignity, and dignity is a very powerful two way street. It's as much about how you feel about yourself as it is about how people treat you. When you don't have the ability to get clean and stay clean, the

carebydesign 016 – Robert Safian
March 09, 2021

"I love change. I know, thats easy to say when you're an agent of change. Change is also terrible and hard and painful. This is the balance we live in. People often come to me and say, Why do you talk about change so much? I'm a realist who knows chang

carebydesign 015 – Khafre Jay
March 02, 2021

Hip Hop is how I walk, talk, dress, paint, think, and act. That's just the way I interact with the world Im trying to find my power as a young black man and seeing all these toxic male narratives, and that had an effect on me.Khafre Jays experience

carebydesign 014 – Raina Kumra
November 24, 2020

“We see the lack of ethics play out in every aspect of our lives and in recent headlines. During this pandemic, the safety of Amazon's frontline workers or the Facebook ad boycott that started this summer…” Raina Kumra is highly creative operational lead

carebydesign 013 – Angel Grant + Michael Hebb (Part 2 of 2)
October 20, 2020

"I would love see funerals actually reflect the human who is being honored. I’ve been to so many funerals in my life where I am sitting there and thinking, "This sucks! This gathering in no way reflects this human whom I loved so deeply." This week we con

carebydesign 012 – Angel Grant + Michael Hebb (Part 1 of 2)
October 13, 2020

"We built 'Death Over Dinner' to reduce the distance between us and our being human.  Because when there are conversations about our end of life wishes that go unspoken between people who care about each other, that silence becomes synonymous with di

carebydesign 011 – Angela Spangler
September 15, 2020

“Buildings are intended protect us. We must quantify building materials and policies based upon their potential to help or harm the individual who will come into contact with them.” Angela combines expertise in human factors and human-environment relation

carebydesign 010 – Alexandra Mysoor
September 01, 2020

Im a generalist, overly optimistic and naturally curious about many things so I ask a lot of questions. Those qualities facilitate problem-solving. From one angle an entrepreneur is basically a problem solver.Alexandra Mysoor, Founder and Chairwoman o