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How To Use Character Flaws To Write A Better Book (Part 1)
September 02, 2023

Character Flaws are so much more important to a good book than simply making a character relatable. Let's dive in!   Episode 6 Questions: What is a character flaw? How do you use character flaws to write a better book? Why are character flaws so im

The #1 Thing You’re Missing About Signatures And Author Bio Pages
August 19, 2023

What sort of author do you want to be? How do you want to treat your fans? How you want to be seen in the public eye? How do you want to be remembered?Dreaming big can seem silly before you're published, but it's not. Pre-deciding is the key on h

The Power of Words, Weather, and Metaphors
August 12, 2023

Ever wonder how authors write such powerful imagery? Let's dive in deep on how to use my favorite metaphor -- weather! Episode 4 Questions: Could you imagine the world without words, weather, or metaphors?How do you use weather in your books?Wh

The Only Valid Reason to Write A Book (spoilers: it’s for yourself)
August 05, 2023

Have you ever wondered why authors write the books they write? Let's dive in!Episode 3 Questions: Why did you write that book? Is there a difference between reading and writing a book?What is it like reading a book you didnt write as an author?

What Comes First? The Characters, the Plot, or the Setting?
July 16, 2023

Where do ideas for books come from? How do you take a moment of inspiration and expand it into an entire book? Let's start at the beginning of a good story -- with the idea -- and dive in deep! Episode 2 Questions: How do you come up with the idea fo

First Drafts Are Important (Welcome To My Mind)
July 08, 2023

Episode 1 is the Introduction Episode. The Heart, Maggie Ann Podcast is a podcast for those who love looking at the world from the perspective of a writer with imagination, analyzation, spirituality, the fundamentals of a good book, etc. Promise to my

March 28, 2023

Welcome to The Heart Maggie Ann Podcast! This is just the trailer. :)Please subscribe, and if you love it, share it!  Read Maggie's Latest Book: "I Am Myself">>  https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/i-am-myself-maggie-ann-ryan/1134998918