Discovery of SELF

Discovery of SELF

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FLP #158 | I Tested Positive with Covid and I felt..
September 12, 2022

Two years with Covid surrounding the atmosphere and finally it caught up with Me in my intimate space. Who would've thought it would even catch up with me since it has been years that it hasn't? I wish I could say I was disappointed.Blog https://

FLP #157 | Clubhouse with Lavender on Flow Authentic Expression, Community, and Smart is Sexy!
June 13, 2022

Join a conversation I had with Lavender on Clubhouse (download the app). I introduced my coaching practice in the space, "Flow Authentic Expression" and we also discussed what Community looks like and what does it mean, Smart is Sexy?Autobiogr

FLP #156 | An Apology and My Transition
May 01, 2022

This is as smooth as I can express myself and do this today. Here I am.Autobiography for MIA (Mental Illness Awareness):

FLP #155 | Embodiment of DESIRE & The EMPRESS Energy
March 27, 2022

What do you DESIRE? How do you feel about your Desire? How are you Nurturing your Desire? What is the value of your Desire? Let's explore the importance of the embodiment of YOUR Desire and the role The Empress Energy (of the Major Arcana in the Tarot

FLP #154 | Alicia Ingruber's story on Homecoming to SELF (Everything is Energy)
March 20, 2022

Our next Homecoming to SELF story is the sharing of Alicia. What I continue to be reminded and love about holding space for your story to be shared and heard is in seeing myself in the reflection of your beauty. Alicia's romance with Self is truly inspiri

FLP #153 | FLO Mystic (Introducing A New Podcast Channel for Seekers & Psychic Community) | a.k.a. Heart Energy Intuitive
March 13, 2022

We have an addition to the Florence Leonardo Podcast family. I'm inviting you to join me on HEART ENERGY INTUITIVE Podcast (YouTube recordings for audio listening). Choose your path.. 1 or 2? General Timeless reading to introduce you to this energetic spa

Intro to: FLORENCE LEONARDO (short video on Spotify)
March 13, 2022

A video? Only plays on Spotify (i think). This is a short video of what it takes to get up, get ready, and create a content. Sometimes we want Personal Development to be overnight. I sometimes feel this way. Like can't it happen in less than a minute? But

FLP #152 | What is YOUR Current Discovery of SELF?
March 06, 2022

**Trigger Warning** I felt low in my energy at the recording of this episode. Feeling tired and exhausted as I've taken a "different route" prior to recoding this morning. Meaning, I didn't take my normal routine and I ended feeling insecure and weak duri

FLP #151 | RECOVERY is part of the Process
February 27, 2022

How do you feel about slowing down, the pause, silence, downtime, taking a break, rest, recovery? These are all part of life. Essential part of the process... even your process that allows integration, calibration, and for the flow of life to organically

FLP #150 | Trust your PROCESS
February 20, 2022

I felt so encouraged this morning, emotional as well about what's unfolding in my life that I credit it to "trusting my process" ultimately trusting myself. And this podcast episode unfolded in ways for me to question what I'm doing. lol... perfect timing