Latest Episodes

Episode #26: Kelly Ann Gonzales and Christianity
August 18, 2023

We sit down with Kelly Ann Gonzales today to talk about her relationship with religion, specifically Christianity, and how it's impacted and continues to impact her life. Shownotes

Episode #25: Jaawell Faggins
January 11, 2023

I sit down to talk with Jawell Faggins and discuss everything from his mother abandoning him and his family at a young age to his relationship with his father. We also talk about his views on religion

Episode #24: Brian Damor
January 01, 2023

To start off the new year we chat with Brian Damor about his life growing up in New Jersey, his relationship with his parents, and how he has delved into creating his own comic, . We close the show wi

Episode #23: Bryan Gordon (Part 2)
December 06, 2022

We have another conversation with Bryan Gordon about his time in the Army, what drives him to be a person who rocks the boat, and we even delve in his interest in Stoicism and family issues that he's

Episode #22: David Strange
July 12, 2022

Today we sit down with photographer David Strange, discussing how he became interested in photography, his evolution over the years, and some of the more technical aspects of the art form. Shownotes

Episode #21: Devon Bowers
May 02, 2022

Today in a role reversal, Syard Evans interviews host Devon Bowers about his life, the creation of the Stripped podcast, and what he's learned from doing the podcast.

Episode #20: Kevin Mackinen
April 19, 2022

We talk to Kevin Mackinen about his life of volunteering, from how he began to volunteer, what has driven him in both the past and present to help, as well as the ups and downs of being a full-time vo

Episode #19: Lily Vajgrt
April 04, 2022

We chat with Lily Vajgrt about her recently coming out as transgender, their familial relationships, battling with alcoholism, and how they realized that they were transgender.

Episode #19: Ben Stahnke
March 29, 2022

Today we talk to PhD Candidate/Doctoral Fellow and founding member of the Center for Communist Studies, Ben Stahnke, about growing up poor, how being in the Army Reserves grew and solidified his anti-

Episode #18: Bryan Gordon
March 21, 2022

After a months long haitus, we finally return and sit down with Bryan Gordon to discuss his time in the Army and really focus on the themes of integrity and suffering for doing the right thing.